Submit here your feedbacks on MBV and your suggestions for next versions


I created this page to centralize your feedbacks on MBV tool and also your suggestions of new features or improvements you would like to see included in next versions of MBV.
Based on my own experience with BizTalk usage in production and some features that were already suggested to me to add or improve, I will estimate your suggestions and if they are also pertinent for all other MBV users, I will implement them asap in next versions.

Thanks to use the tool and I'm waiting so for your comments.


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  1. JPAUC says:

    Hello Virag,

    you’re right, it seems a bug; I saw error to connect to tempdb in different reports and it seems indeed in relation with cluster.

    I need to focus on  that and fix that asap

    Thanks Virag to report me that

    I keep you informed when fix is ready


  2. JPAUC says:

    Excellent question Virag 😉

    unfortunaterly it is not a bug in MBV but a limitation of .NET functions that I use to enumerate modules. It seems indeed that I can not use this API to enumerate moduls in a 64 bits running process from a 32 bits app that MBV is !

    I tried  to find a workaround but could not fibnd one quickly but I need to continue to think about that

    if you Virag, or someone else reading this post, have an idea to enumerate dlls loaded in a 64 bits process from a 32 bits exe, I take it !


  3. JPAUC says:

    Hi Rob

    good suggestion as MBV ignore rules topic for the moment

    I jut need to think about queries to implement to do that targeting directly maybe rules db


  4. JPAUC says:

    Hi Krip,

    can you send me please your HTML report if not confidential and your status log file ?



  5. JPAUC says:

    Hello Ole-Jakob,

    you’re right !  I fixed it so in version 10.15.8878 that I published  today (with other fixes and queries)

    Thanks to have reported that !


  6. Rob Steel says:

    It would be nice if the MBV would also analyze the BRE, showing which policies are deployed, the content of the rules, etc.

  7. Virag says:

    I beleive I found a bug in the query for All SQL Servers : Collect Tempdbs Info and "Tempdb" info  on the "Dbs infos", "Dbs Files", and "Dbs Space" queries. My biztalk Messagebox is configured on a Clusted SQL Server.While querying the information for TEMPDB the query is using the primary node name to connect instead of using the cluster resource name. Currently my biztalk server is running on the secondary node so the primary node is offline and the queries are returning errors.

  8. Ole-Jakob Rosenvold says:


    Thank you for providing a great tool.

    Found a small issue when running the tool on  BTS 2009. The report generates an entry:

    "Biztalk Admin Console and Deployment can be sped up by installation of hotfix on biztalk 2006"

    Looking at the KB article at Microsoft, BTS 2009 is not included in the affected servers.

    Best Regards

    Ole-Jakob Rosenvold

  9. Virag says:

    Thanks for the Temp Db fix.

    I am getting another error detailed below during collect. I am using 64 bit hosts on the server where i am getting errors. Is this a known issue or I am doing something wrong.

    ERROR : Error enumerating modules for process 2756 Msg: Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed (STAGE : Processing Other Query "BizTalk Services (Running) – Loaded Modules" on Server <server name>…)

  10. Ralph J. says:

    There is no data in the Warning, Topology, and Summary reports.

    Any sugestions?

  11. Krip1 says:

    I get an error "Incorrect syntax near '-'" when "Executing SQL Query" for "Orphaned Svc Instances"

    I'm guessing this is because my database name has a hypen in it.


  12. Michael Brandt Lassen says:

    The checks for orphan instances are not run in our live environment.

    We are running MBV 12 and in our live environment the resulting reports says:

    "BizTalk – DTA Db : Orphaned Svc Instances  (SQL Query, 2 Rules, Disabled, can not be executed in a multiple MsgBox config or if MsgBox db not located on same server than DTA db)"

    However, we are NOT having a multiple MsgBox config and the MsgBox db IS located on same server as the DTA db.

    Any ideas why the rules are being disabled?

    (And we do have orphan instances)

    Thanks a lot for your tool and your help.


  13. Michael Brand Lassen says:


  14. Werner du Toit says:


    Thanks for the great tool.

    I'm using 13.10 – I just wishing I could maximise the UI.

    Some of the scroll bars are half hidden behind the frames.

    Would be great if you can do this. tnx

  15. Jim O says:

    Cumulative updates: since CU's are comprehensive and all inclusive (include previous CU's).  Do not report errors if CU# is greater than or equal to the CU required.  For example, if a BT environment has CU5 installed, then don't report an error saying CU1 is not installed

  16. Jim O says:

    The config settings allow you to point to a remote db server, but when running the analyzer, the tool reports:

    Information : This query is not configured to be executed for a remote Target (YLxxxx1 Server)

    Maybe allow users to configure querries for remote databases.

    Great Tool!  Keep up the good work…

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