MBV – HOW TO Unselect some “mandatory” queries or select only some of them




Let me discuss about a new feature that I introduced in version 10.11 that I released recently (http://blogs.technet.com/jpierauc/pages/msgboxviewer.aspx)  :



MBV 10.11 (in GUI tool) allow you now to unselect some “mandatory” queries and prevent them to execute so, and select only some of them.


Maybe this feature can surprise you first if we consider these queries as "mandatory" but I found in fact the need to be able to select sometimes only few important queries to have very quickly result of a report, like the Jobs one, or the MsgBox Integrity one, or the MsgBox or DTA Tables size, or only send ports, etc..


if we are now able to disable some mandatory queries, there can not considered anymore as mandatory 😉 so I decided also to rename the  “Mandatory queries” list to “Important Queries” in the interface.


Let me explain now how to unselect some important queries (so previously named "Mandatory") :


There is now a global option in MBV named ”Can unselect some important queries” that you have to turn to “True” (it is “False” by default) in the global properties grid.

When you set it to "True" and display the Important Queries List, you will notice then check boxes in this list and also two butons Check All /Uncheck ALL , and you will be able so to select/unselect also these queries.

Notice that by default the behaviour is same than in previous versions: no check boxes are visible in this first Queries list,
so by default this feature is invisible !



Be careful however :


Topology Report and Warnings Report can be impacted if you unselect some specific important queries as some optional queries need for example some information returned by some important queries so you can have some errors or incomplete Topology and Warning reports depending of  which important queries you have unselected.


So my recommendation is to use this feature only if you are interested by some specific query reports that you want  to monitor





Let me kow your comments/questions on this feature !



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