MBV Presentation

Hello !

I just finished a PPT presenting MBV, its role, usage, type of issues analyzed, and suggestions to analyze its reports
You can download it below.

Feel free to give me your comments on that and ask your questions !




Comments (2)

  1. Thiago Almeida says:

    Hi JP,

    Any feedback on these Tracking DB queries I wrote would be much appreciated:


    I basically wanted queries reporting counts of messages for when message body tracking is enabled.

    Maybe have a tuned version of these in MsgBoxViewer? 🙂

  2. JP says:

    Hi Thiago

    your queries look good and seem very interesting indeed to have details stats on tracking and then tune it.

    We have indeed quite lot of performance issues reported at Microsoft because of too much tracking enabled on a Production Systems.

    For sure I can test them and think to integrate them directly in next build of MBV or host them use a extension MBVEXT.XML file.

    I will prepare you so a MBVEXT.XML file containing your queries that you will have just to copy in MBV folder to have your queries appearing in the "Custom Queries" list when MBV is started.

    MBV is indeed easely extensible via an MBVEXT.XML file containg any custom queries, it is a topic that I will detail sooon in my blog.

    So thanks again for sharing these queries, I will send you asap the XML file so you can test your qsueries from MBV yourself. Then, you can share it on your blog (or mine if you prefer) as a set of additional queries for MBV.


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