New MBV builds : Lot of additional queries and fixes

Hello,   I updated today a new build of MBV. With the previous one published few weeks ago, MBV brings now lot of new interesting queries and fixes (see below the complete list).   As interesting new query, MBV is parsing now your SQL Error logs for critical errors and raise corresponding warnings if found. MBV is reporting now also the…


Webcast MsgBoxViewer

Hello, I did recently a webcast about MBV for the UK SOA/BPM User Group (SBUG) Link to the video is available here : I would like to thank Michael Stephenson for this web cast invitation which was a good opportunity for me to explain MBV goal and its usage and do some Q&A with participants ! JP


Fixed a regression issue found in MsgBoxViewer 10.15 and implemented Query Timeout for .VBS queries

Several customers and MS engineers reported me recently some very long collect statements scenarios using version 10.15 and sometimes infinite ones. 1) Some bugs were indeed identified in some VBS queries which might create looping scenarios in some VBS query execution .These bugs were so fixed. 2) A long collect statement can occur also when .VBS queries (belonging…


MsgBoxViewer 10.15 now available

Hello, I just made available version 10.15 of MBV  : This build fixes some bugs of version 10.14 of course but provides also lot of new queries & rules and use now some VBS queries like “MSDTC Setting” , “RPC Settings”‘, ‘TCP Settings”, etc… Using VBS script with WMI calls in these queries allow to target…


MBVMMC – Latest Version

Version 1.10  New features : – Allow to generate also automatically and periodically MBV reports by creating a Windows Scheduled Task – Group  now the MBV reports per targeted BT group – Display an exclamation mark in node for MBV Reports having Red Warnings – Use now File Notification Services to detect new or deleted…


MMC Snap-in for MBV now available !

Hello. As  I announced  in a previous post, I just released a MMC Snap-in for MBV. To be honest, I did not have ideas about really new useful features I could add in  MBV itself or around MBV but reading some posts on other blogs talking about BizTalk Admin and suggestions of a better integration with MBV,…


MBVQueryBuilder – Latest Version

Download it :   Hello,  This is the First version of MBVQueryBuilder tool, to integrate your custom Queries in MBV tool.The zip to download contains : – The tool itself MBVQueryBuilder.EXE- Runtime DLLs : MBVEngine.DLL and MYHC.DLLMYHC.DLL is in fact the runtime dll implementing My Health Check Framework and MBVEngine.DLL is the runtime dll using MyHC.DLL but…


MBVQueryBuilder tool : What and Why ?

Hello,   As mentioned in a previous post //, I make available publicly now on my blog a tool complementary to MBV which will allow you to create easily and quickly your custom queries for MBV.   What is MBVQueryBuilder ? This tool allow in fact to create quickly and easily additional queries for MBV toolThis…


MBVQueryBuilder Quick Help

This doc below  provide some documentation on MBVQueryBuilder tool , explaining what is this tool  and why it exists and what it allow to do.   1)   Presenting MBVQueryBuilder and its concepts   What is MBVQueryBuilder ? This tool allow to create quickly and easily additional queries for MBV toolThis tool can create and update a…


Comming soon: Tool to build your own queries for MBV

Hello, I create this post just to announce that I will make available very soon a tool to build queries for MBV : MBVQueryBuilder. Let me explain quickly role of this tool as I will make a more detailed post on that later : As you noticed, I added already a lot queries embeded in MBV exe but because more and more MBV users, inside or outside Microsoft, suggest me…