Incoming version MBV 10.00 : Query custom properties support included and Gui interface redesigned

Hello,   Long time I did not write a post about MBV !  two reasons mainly : I was quite busy in my BizTalk Tech Lead job and I released until now on my blog only new minor MBV builds for which I considered that dedicated posts were not maybe justified; so I just made them available on my classic download link  listing quickly their…


MsgBoxViewer (MBV) Q & A

  Q: What is the purpose of MBV ?A: The goal of MBV is to retrieve the maximum amount of information from a BizTalk System in one click in the minimum amount of time, identify all possible issues which could be critical or need attention, and present them in a user friendly format. Q: How…


Version 9.23.42 and High fragmentation Info query

Hi, I just uploaded a build 9.23.42 with some new features and two small fixes and among the new features I included two queries getting high fragmentation info for DTA and MSGBOX dbs. Behind this query is a SQL script  which is available only for 2K5 SQL Servers which  get list of indexes where fragmentation  percentage > 30,…


Change in version 9.23.4

Hello, as you already noticed probably, I uploaded build 9.23.4 This build has an important change I think which can reduce signicantly the size of produced files (history.log,html and xml) :  Indeed I keep now in this build only the name of Stored Procs found in the detailed report  “Most CPU Queries (SQL 2K5 only)”…


MsgBoxViewer 9.20.7

Hello, I just released  recently this build to fix an issue of Summary Report not generated on some very specific configurations of BizTalk analyzed FYI,  you will always the latest build at the url below (you can click also on “Latest MsgBoxViewer” link in the ‘Tags’ section)  JP