BizTalk MsgBoxViewer – download here the latest version of the tool


MBV is deprecated. and is now replaced by BizTalk Health Monitor (aka BHM)

BHM is a complete MMC Snap-in reusing  the same health check engine and architecture than MBV, but its query/rule repository is updated frequently to detect all recent BizTalk issues.
BHM can be included in the BizTalk console, provides a rich UI, is fully customizable, and embed a new version of famous Terminator tool as remediation component.

See the BHM blog for all info on this powerfull BizTalk Health Check application :

Download here BHM :

Feel feel to let your feedbacks or post your questions on the BHM blog




Comments (57)

  1. Anonymous says: 一个不错的收集Biztalk MessageBox信息的工具。

  2. JPAUC says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Thanks first for you comment!

    yes MBV is working perfectly with BizTalk 2009

    I did not implement changes recently in the perfmon counters query; can I know which type of changes you would hope ?


  3. Anonymous says:

    이미 BizTalk 서버를 이용해서 개발하시거나 관리하시는 분들은 잘 아시고 계실 것으로 압니다만 MessageBoxViewer는 BizTalk서버의 실행 상태나 설정등을 한눈에 알아

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have seen most of the issues coming with slow processing of messages in production by Biztalk where

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cuando necesitamos conocer y/o predecir del comportamiento de nuestro entorno de BizTalk Server entonces,

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Let me discuss about a new feature that I introduced in version 10.11 that I released recently

  7. Anonymous says:

    プロフェッショナル BizTalk Server 2006 を立ち読み (

  8. JPAUC says:

    Hi Jukka,

    Thanks for this sugestion but I just would like to understand it better, as currently in the BizTalk Console of BizTak 2006 you can see in the "Resources" node all assembly resources per Application.

    Is it what you want or do you want to have a larger view not specific to assemblies ?



  9. JPAUC says:

    Hi Nelson,

    which build do you use ? can you try with latest if you use prev version ?

    is it same when you run it on a different server ?


  10. JPAUC says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    yes I had fixed MSDTC query when running against 64 bits servers but I already made this fix few months ago; which version did you use before to get th latest ?

    About Windows 2008 R2, only BizTalk >= 2009 R2 will be supported on it


  11. JPAUC says:


    realy sorry to reply so late to your demand but I was quite busy these past days

    MBV  can be used on any types of servers and not only on BizTalk Servers, so the best in your case would be for example to run MBV on a server belonging to the same doamin than your bizTalk group but using .NET > 1.x.If you do not have a such server in your BizTalk domain, I can try to put the hand on old version  but I just need to rememebr where I could save such build 😉

    I keep you informed as soon I have one

    Thanks !


  12. Anonymous says:

    최근 BizTalk Troubleshooting을 진행 하면서 많은 사이트 들에서 가장 쉬운 부분에 대한 관리가 원활하기 진행되지 않으면서 사이트의 서비스 지연, 오류의 증가와 수십

  13. JPAUC says:

    humm..very good suggestion Manuel !

    it makes so sense that I wonder why I did not do that before !?  it reduce indeed significantly size of output HTML file, History.Log, and XML file (if this option was selected)

    I changed that so and uploaded a new  build (9.23.4) :


  14. JPAUC says:

    Hi Peter,

    All the repository of MBV tool is currently emdbeded in the dll provided with the tool  and encoded and is not exposed in a .XML file (even if MBV supports to load an XML repository file). It is was choice util now to not expose the queries (SQL, WMI, VBS,etc…) because we did not want to have these queries used elsewhere  outside the scope of the tool.

    If you have specific demand for some queries let me know and I can send them to you on demand if there is nothing "internal " inisde and if they are not sensitive.

    Now nothing prevent you to run SQL profiler to see SQL queries;-) but I'm sure you wil understand that MS can not be responsible of the impact if the tool queries would be executed outside the tool as we can not validate how they will be used.



  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Long time I did not write a post about MBV ! two reasons mainly : I was quite busy in my BizTalk

  16. JPAUC says:


    this  tool  is a troubleshooting one  and uses lof of SQL cripts which need really to be executed by a sysadmin

    if you can not gran,t these permissions, the tooo will fail to execute correcty some queries but will process util the end ts query cataog.It will report however lot of ACCESS DENIED errrors and migfht  report wrong information in the warnings


  17. Anonymous says:

    MsgBoxViewer(MBV) というフリーのツールを最近発見しました。 上のリンクからダウンロードすることができます

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks jpierauc,

    We teach alot of BizTalk Administrator courses and tools like this (SQL vs. BTS AdminConsole) are always popular with our students, so we go out of way to try them out and incorporate them in our courses.

    I’ll send you a video clip of any administrator course that includes a demo of this tool in our online classes at

  19. JPAUC says:

    Hi Lex,

    sorry to reply only now, I was quite busy in my job and did not look at MBV blog recently.

    The rule checkintg for MarkLog table is located in the Query "MsgBox Tables Size sorted by Custom order"  in the query category  titled "Important".

    In MBV gui just select this query in the list and then select the tab "Query Rules" in the right pane of MBV and you will see this rule; to see its details just press the "Show rules Details".

    let me know if you have any issue to locate it

    and thanks to use MBV; I really hope that it help you to keep a healthy BizTalk System ! 😉


  20. Lex Hegt says:

    Hi Jean-Pierre,

    I wanted to write an article about how to get rid of records in the MarkLog table(s) and wanted to use MessageBoxViewer to show a warning in case you have too many records.

    I am using v1.10 but I can't find the query which checks the MarkLog table(s). Is the query still there? I have 150.000+ records in the MarkLog table of my BizTalkMgmtDb.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Best regards,


  21. Anonymous says:

    On a blogpost by Yossi Dahan I read about a BizTalk tool I didn't know about: MsgBoxViewer Via Google

  22. Really great tool. I use it all the time. Will you continue to update this when the next CU's and BizTalk versions comes as well?

  23. mike says:

    Hello JP,

    When running the BizTalk MsgBoxViewer, it is dropping and creating the objects sp_who3 and fn_MapWaitResource every time that it runs. Would it be possible to modify the tool to only create the objects if they don’t exist? Our DBA group is comfortable giving our support group execute permissions on these objects but not the permission to drop or create objects in the master DB.



  24. JP says:

    Hi Mike,

    your remark make sens but I remember that I already tried this initally and I met some errors;but let me some time this week to investigate that; I already had this remark before and I understand the need.

    FYI, this script is comming directly from known Biztalk architect Lee Graber; he reused known ‘sp_who’ that he modified to help our suport teams to troubleshoot BizTalk Locking situations in the MsgBox.


  25. jukka2 says:

    It would be nice if the viewer would report Biztalk Application for each artifact. Even better if the artifacts could be grouped under Applications.

    We have a BTS group with tens of Applications and hundreds of ports and orchestrations. We are planning a migration to a HA environment and need to analyze/report which adapters and hosts an application needs.

  26. Manuel Stern says:

    Hi JP

    In the section "Most CPU Queries (SQL 2K5 only)", MBV shows the entire sp text.

    This makes it quite cumbersome to read.

    Could you show only the names of the sprocs?



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  29. search pdf says:

    Thanks for BizTalk MsgBoxViewer download links

  30. Tsvika Palgy says:

    Does this version of MBV run also on X64 platform ?

  31. Tsvika Palgy says:

    Ok, launched the current version on X64 – it launches OK.

  32. JP says:

    Hi Tskika,

    Yes it is running ok on x64

    Some important info however :

    1) As MBV is 32 bits, some queries of REGISTRY type will look ONLY in the 32 bit portion of the registry of a x64 (limitation of .NET) ! so if some reg entries of your 32 registry have different values (ex for MSDTC) than the x64, some results can be wrong in the report.

    I will workaround that in a futur release by creating .VBS queries to access regkeys in VBS scripts instead of doing that in C#.

    2) Remember anwyay that you can run MBV on any server and not only BT Server. When runnin on a non-BT server, you just have to specify manually the BizTalk Mgmt db location.

  33. nelson says:


    I have a strange problem running the MBV in my servers that I hope you can help me with.

    Whenever I run the MBV, it always stops at a certain point. Looking at the Status.log, it appears to stop at the middle of a line (e.g. 17:02:50.6811483         GENERATING TEMP VB) an always when it reaches 216KB.

    Heres the catch. if I change the querys (disable Running Services and Server Date), it stops at a different line in the Status.log but again when the Status.log reaches 216KB.

    Does this makes any sense?

    OS Version: Windows 2003 5.2 R2 Standard x64 Edition (Build 3790.srv03.sp2_rtm.070216-1710: Service Pack 2)

    Biztalk Server Version: 3.6.1404.0 (Enterprise Edition)



  34. kmoreta says:


    It’s a great tool! We recently upgrade from Biztalk 2006 to 2009.  Does this tool works for BizTalk 2009?  Are there any changes in performance counters?


  35. kmoreta says:

    It works great in BizTalk 2009! Thanks!

    I don’t have any specific perfmon counters in mind, just wondering if there were changes for BizTalk 2009.  Thanks again.

  36. kmoreta says:

    Hi JP,

    MBV gives me the warning below on my BizTalk servers and SQL Server:

    MSDTC Settings on Server Maybe Not configured correctly (Current flags : ‘NetworkDtcAccess’=0-‘NetworkDtcAccessInbound’=0-‘NetworkDtcAccessOutbound’=0-) !

    However, I know MSDTC is working. DTCPing, DTCTester and BizTalk 2009 SQL adapter all works fine.  May be the registry settings on the servers are different than what MBV expected due to 64-bit OS?

    BizTalk Server


    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit

    BizTalk: BizTalk 2009 Enterprise (3.8.368.0)

    SQL Server


    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit

    SQL: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise 64-bit

  37. kmoreta says:

    Hi JP,

    I download the lastest MBV and the MSDTC warning went away.  I’m now getting a red error "BizTalk is not Supported on Windows 2008 R2".  Thanks for pointing it out!  Good catch!

  38. prossite says:

    I am a DBA and need to provide permissions for our Biz Talk admins to have the ability to run the BizTalk MessageBox viewer but it appears they need permission to drop/recreate a few tables. Is this true? What are the permissions that should be granted to a user of the BizTalk MessageBox Viewer tool?

  39. prossite says:

    I am a DBA and need to provide permissions for our Biz Talk admins to have the ability to run the BizTalk MessageBox viewer but it appears they need permission to drop/recreate a few tables. Is this true? What are the permissions that should be granted to a user of the BizTalk MessageBox Viewer tool?

  40. Puja says:

    I am looking for an older version of MessageBox Viewer, to use with BizTalk Server 2004 SP1. The current version (11) requires .NET Framework 2.0, which is not available in our environment. Please direct me to the URL where I can download an older version that uses .NET Framework 1.1 from.

  41. Peter says:

    Is it possible to see some of the queries?

    how complex are they? Some of them should be usfull to execute without MBV sometimes as well? Is it possible?

  42. claudio says:

    hi, where is the tool BTSDBCOLLECT.EXE ?

  43. ArBee says:

    I get "Error Connecting Mgmt DB, Error=A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server)".

    Is there any setting I need to change? We're running BizTalk 2002 on SQL Server 2000 and remote access is turned on.



  44. Mandatory tool to keep your BizTalk environment healthy. I included this tool in a recipe (Chapter 7 of Monitoring and Maintenance of BizTalk Server) in my BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook (…/book).

  45. Howard Edidin says:

    The key tool for all BizTalk Role keeps getting better. Thanks for making our jobs easier.

  46. Bill Chesnut says:

    Is there a manual way to update the rules to check for CU5

  47. Siva Bommi says:

    Hi JP,

    Our application now has the issue with MsgBox growing at an exponential rate and eating up the drive space. This is due to the constant failure of the  sql job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb.

    We tried running MBV tool downloaded above ( and it gives error messages asking to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed for the tool to run.

    Our BizTalk Server uses MS BizTalk Server 2004 with SP2 on Windows Server 2003 on .NET 1.1 Framework. Can we get the tool to run in our BizTalk Servers to resolve this issue?


    Siva B

  48. Pooja says:

    Let me know how to get the count of Active,Dehyradrated and Suspended messages count in Biztalk using MBV.

    I have tried by selecting checkboxes in MBV for active and suspended messages, but still not getting count?

  49. Ajeet says:


    How do MBV capture Hotfix info installed on system, does it uses WMIC for this and how does it identify which KBs are missing (does it compare against any standard list? or something like that). I am getting message (in MBV report) for a KB missing but as per Microsoft documentation it should be part of SP1 install which we have on my system.

    I am using MBV 12

  50. Anonymous says:


    sorry for my silence, I recognized I have not updated MBV for a long time.

    In fact I

  51. Anonymous says:

    This document shows the steps to schedule MBV using “Task Scheduler” on Windows Server 2008

  52. Anonymous says:


    BizTalk 2013 R2 should be available this month.
    Even if this new BizTalk version is not

  53. Anonymous says:

      The MessageBox viewer tool allow you to save the output in a SQL Server database. To do this,

  54. Himanshu says:

    Do the use of this tool void Microsoft warranty/Support of the current Environments?? Excellent tool but need to double check before proposing the tool to the client.

  55. Anonymous says:

      As of 13/7/2015, the MessageBoxViewer aka MBV is being deprecated and no more new updates will

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