What’s new in SMB 3.1.1 in the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

  1. Introduction Every new version of Windows brings updates to our main remote file protocol, known as SMB (Server Message Block). If you’re not familiar with it, you can find some information in this previous blog post: Windows Server 2012 R2: Which version of the SMB protocol (SMB 1.0, SMB 2.0, SMB 2.1, SMB…


New version of the Storage Spaces physical disk validation PowerShell script

The Storage Spaces team has just published a new version of the Storage Space disk validation script written in PowerShell. This script makes sure that the physical disks in a system have everything that is needed by Storage Spaces. That includes checking functional requirements and performance characteristics. In the same way that we ask you…


Using PowerShell to select Physical Disks for use with Storage Spaces

  1. Introduction   If you use PowerShell to configure Storage Spaces, you probably noticed that selecting physical disks is an important part of the process. You must select disks to create a pool and you might also need to do it also when you create a virtual disk using a subset of the disks….


Windows Server Technical Preview – Storage Survival Guide (links to articles, blogs, downloads)

This blog post offers a collection of links to the publicly available content for those experimenting with the Windows Server Technical Preview, with focus in Storage.   Blog posts about the Windows Server Technical Preview An early look at the future of the datacenter from Microsoft Storage Replica Guide Released for Windows Server Technical Preview…


Storage Quality of Service Guide Released for Windows Server Technical Preview

  As part of the Windows Server Technical Preview released a few weeks ago, we announced the evolution of the Storage Quality of Service (Storage QoS) feature. Now, in addition to that TechNet page with an overview, we released the Storage QoS Step-by-Step Guide.   An Overview of Storage QoS   Storage Quality of Service…