New Tolly Group report on the performance of SMB2

The Tolly Group, Inc. has just released a new 39-page report on the SMB2 performance improvements in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Title: Enhanced Network Performance with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 – Update Abstract: With the release of the Windows Vista client operating system and Windows Server 2008 network managers face…


2008 SNIA Storage Developer Conference presentations available for download

The presentations from the SDC 2008 are now publicly available for download. This SNIA event happened in Santa Clara, CA on September 22-25 and the decks are now available to everyone, after being restricted to conference attendees for a few months.  Out of the dozens of presentations, I wanted to highlight a few that were delivered by…


Windows Server 2008 File and Storage Solutions webcast – recording now available

I had the pleasure to deliver yesterday a TechNet Webcast on “Windows Server 2008 File and Storage Solutions”, which also included details on the upcoming Windows Server 2008 R2. That webcast is now available on-demand (for streaming or download), via Here’s a quick summary of what was covered: Windows Server 2008 File and Storage…


SMB2, a complete redesign of the main remote file protocol for Windows

Introduction SMB (Server Message Block) is a remote file protocol commonly used by Microsoft Windows clients and servers that dates back to 1980’s. Back when it was first used, LANs speeds were typically 10Mbps or less, WAN use was very limited and there were no Wireless LANs. Network security concerns like preventing man-in-the-middle attacks were…


File Server performance improvements with the SMB2 protocol in Windows Server 2008

SMB (Server Message Block) is the main protocol used in Windows for file sharing and it has been significantly improved from Windows Server 2003/Windows XP to Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista. During my TechEd 2008 ITForum presentation on “Windows Server 2008 – File and Storage Solutions”, I covered some details on SMB2 and showed a demo…


“FSCT” – A CIFS/SMB/SMB2 File Server Tool for Capacity Planning and Performance Troubleshooting

Overview A recent presentation during SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference described an upcoming tool called “FSCT”.“FSCT” (which stands for “File Server Capacity Tool”) was created by Microsoft after analyzing the workload of production file servers used to store user’s home folders.The tool can simulate that typical file server workload (and potentially others) in a lab environment….


Storage Developer Conference presentation next week

Next week I will be delivering a presentation on “A CIFS/SMB/SMBV2 File Server Tool for Capacity Planning and Performance Troubleshooting” during SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA.You can see the agenda and some additional details in the public event agenda at I can’t disclose any additional information before the event, but the…