Drive Performance Report Generator – PowerShell script using DiskSpd by Arnaud Torres

Arnaud Torres is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft in France who sent me the PowerShell script below called “Drive Performance Report Generator”. He created the script to test a wide range of profiles in one run to allow people to build a baseline of their storage using DiskSpd.EXE. The script is written in PowerShell… Read more

Using PowerShell and Excel PivotTables to understand the files on your disk

  Introduction I am a big fan of two specific technologies that usually don’t get mentioned together: PowerShell and Excel PivotTables. It started when I was explaining PivotTables to someone and the main issue I had was finding a good set of example data that is familiar to everyone. That’s when it hit me. People… Read more

New PowerShell cmdlets in Windows Server 2016 TP2 (compared to Windows Server 2012 R2)

  1. State the problem   With the release of Windows Server 2016 TP2 a few weeks ago, I was wondering what new PowerShell cmdlets are now included (when you compare to Windows Server 2012 R2). However, the list of cmdlets is so long now that it is hard to spot the differences by hand…. Read more

PowerShell script used in the Windows Server 2016 TP2 Storage QoS demo at MSIgnite

  This is the Windows PowerShell script I used in the Microsoft Ignite 2015 session on Storage QoS: Hyper-V Storage Performance with Storage Quality of Service. You can also find that demo video by itself at Windows Server 2016 TP2 Storage QoS: Managing with a PowerShell script.   The script is fairly straightforward, but there… Read more

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 (TP2) and Storage Quality of Service (QoS)

  Storage Quality of Service (Storage QoS) is a new feature in the upcoming Windows Server 2016 that provides a way to centrally monitor and manage storage performance for virtual machines. The feature automatically improves storage resource fairness between multiple virtual machines using the same file server cluster and allows specific minimum and maximum performance… Read more

What’s new in SMB 3.1.1 in the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

  1. Introduction Every new version of Windows brings updates to our main remote file protocol, known as SMB (Server Message Block). If you’re not familiar with it, you can find some information in this previous blog post: Windows Server 2012 R2: Which version of the SMB protocol (SMB 1.0, SMB 2.0, SMB 2.1, SMB… Read more

The Deprecation of SMB1 – You should be planning to get rid of this old SMB dialect

I regularly get a question about when will SMB1 be completely removed from Windows. This blog post summarizes the current state of this old SMB dialect in Windows client and server.   1) SMB1 is deprecated, but not yet removed We already added SMB1 to the Windows Server 2012 R2 deprecation list in June 2013…. Read more

Windows PowerShell equivalents for common networking commands (IPCONFIG, PING, NSLOOKUP)

Network troubleshooting is part any System Administrator’s life. Maybe you need to check the IP address of a machine or test if its networking connection is working. Maybe you need to see if DNS is properly configured or check the latency between two hosts. If you have been in this field long enough, you probably… Read more