MOSS rich text editing from any browser with Telerik’s r.a.d.Editor

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 uses an ActiveX control to provide rich text editing capabilities (actually HTML editing) in several places. Here are a few places where it is leveraged: Multiple-lines-of-text column editor in list item editing Content Editor Web Part Wiki editor in the Wiki template Page Content editor in Publishing templates The… Read more

List of MOSS 2007 ActiveX controls (created searching the visible code)

I was looking for a list for all ActiveX controls used by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, but it seems like this list is not available at this time. The best references I could find was the SharePoint team blog post on web browser compatibility at, the documentation on browser compatibility at and the… Read more

Internet Explorer, MS06-013, the ActiveX Update and the Compatibility Patch

Today is patch Tuesday and many enterprises are right now testing the new security updates released and getting ready to deploy them to thousands of desktops across the company. Although this might feel like just another set of patches, the regular process might not be enough in this case. Here’s why… MS06-013, the new IE… Read more