Ten years blogging, five years on Twitter

It’s hard to believe it, but I just noticed that I have been blogging at http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda for 10 years. Over these years, I have posted 327 blogs and accumulated over 2 millions page views and over 500 comments. I started on July 6th, 2004 with a modest post where I basically stated I would start blogging.

Hundreds of post later, I learned that certain styles of blog posts proved to be much more popular.  For instance, I did a number of posts that provided an overview for a certain subject or feature. Those were fairly lengthy and required a lot of research. Good examples here would be, in chronological order:

Another popular format was the step-by-step for a certain scenario or configuration. I commonly share the exacts steps to reproduce the environment I use in my own demo or test environments, usually including a lot of PowerShell scripting. Here are some good examples, in chronological order:

But the most popular posts are the ones that offer a collection of links. These are typically “survival guides” for an area. Here are a few examples:

As you can see, I made a point of always blogging about what I was doing at the moment, sharing whatever I learned (it least the what wasn’t confidential at the time). These days, I am many times greeted as “Jose from the Blog” and I hear from you that the blog has helped many people out. The blog also helped me in many ways. It gave me a direct line to get feedback via comments. It forced me to be more diligent about how I document what I do.

Last but not least, this is also my 5th anniversary on twitter. Obviously, I wrote a blog post about this when I started back in 2009. I have posted 4,135 tweets (that’s more than 2 a day in average) and I currently have more than 1,800 followers. If you’re following, Thanks! If you’re not, now it’s a perfect time to do it at https://twitter.com/josebarreto.

Well, that’s it. I wanted to mark the occasion and thank everyone that reads the blogs and posts comments. Let’s celebrate again in another 5 years… 🙂

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    thx 🙂

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    Ten years blogging, five years on Twitter – Jose Barreto’s Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

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