SNIA’s Storage Developers Conference 2012 is just a few weeks away

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is hosting the 9th Storage Developer Conference (SDC) in the Hyatt Regency in beautiful Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley) on the week of September 17th. As usual, Microsoft is underwriting the SMB/SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest, which is co-located with the SDC event.

For developers working with storage-related technologies, this event gathers a unique crowd and includes a rich agenda that you can find at  All the key industry players are represented. It lists presentations from Arista, Cleversafe, Dell, EMC, Fusion-io, HP, IBM, Intel, Mellanox, Micron, Microsoft, NEC, NetApp, Oracle, Pure Storage, Red Hat, Samba Team, Seagate, Spectra Logic, SwiftTest, Tata, Wipro and many others.

It’s always worth reminding you that the SDC presentations are usually delivered to developers by the actual product development teams and frequently the actual developer of the technology is either delivering the presentation or is in the room to take questions. That kind of deep insight is not common in every conference out there.

Presentations by Microsoft this year include:

Date Time Session Presenter(s)
Mon 10:35 SMB 3.0 ( Because 3 > 2 ) David Kruse, Principal Software Development Lead
Mon 11:35 Understanding Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 Through Specific Test Cases Jose Barreto, Principal Program Manager
Mon 1:30 Continuously Available SMB – Observations and Lessons Learned David Kruse, Principal Software Development Lead Mathew George, Principal Software Developer
Mon 2:30 “Storage Spaces” - Next Generation Virtualized Storage for Windows Karan Mehra, Principal Software Development Engineer
Tue 10:40 Windows File and Storage Directions Surendra Verma, Partner Development Manager
Tue 1:00 Hyper-V Storage Performance and Scaling Joe Dai, Principal Software Design Engineer
Liang Yang, Senior Performance Engineer
Tue 2:00 NFSv4.1 Architecture and Tradeoffs in Windows Server 2012 Roopesh Battepati, Principal Development Lead
Tue 2:00 The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Storage Behaviors and Requirements Spencer Shepler, Performance Architect
Tue 3:05 NoSQL in the Clouds with Windows Azure Table Jai Haridas, Principal Development Manager
Tue 3:05 NFSv4.1 Server Protocol Compliance, Security, Performance and Scalability Testing: Implement the RFC, Going Beyond POSIX Interop! Raymond Wang, Senior Software Design Engineer in Test
Tue 3:05 SQL Server: Understanding the Application/Data Workload, and Designing Storage Products to Match Desired Characteristics for Better Performance Gunter Zink, Principal Program Manager
Claus Joergensen, Principal Program Manager
Wed 1:15 NAS Management using Microsoft Corporation System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager and SMI-S Alex Naparu, Software Design Engineer
Madhu Jujare, Senior Software Design Engineer
Wed 3:20 Erasure Coding in Windows Azure Storage Cheng Huang, Researcher
Wed 4:20 ReFS - Next Generation File System for Windows J.R. Tipton, Principal Software Development Engineer
Malcolm Smith, Senior Software Design Engineer
Thu 9:30 Primary Data Deduplication in Windows Server 8 Sudipta Sengupta, Senior Research Scientist
Jim Benton, Principal Software Design Engineer
Thu 10:30 High Performance File Serving with SMB3 and RDMA via the SMBDirect Protocol Tom Talpey, Software Architect
Greg Kramer, Sr. Software Development Engineer
Thu 11:25 SMB 3.0 Application End-to-End Performance Dan Lovinger, Principal Software Architect

Registration is open at and you should definitely plan to attend. If you are registered, leave a comment and let’s plan to meet when we get there!

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