Lessons learned creating BingMatrix in ASP.NET and Azure (goals, http requests, threads, progress message and postbacks)

I have spent my last few weekends building an ASP.NET web application that sends multiple queries to Bing and displays the results in a table. I called it BingMatrix and you can read more about what it does and how it works in the blog post titled “BingMatrix – A Windows Azure application that provides… Read more

BingMatrix – A Windows Azure application that provides a fun way to mine data from Bing

I wanted to share a little application I put together using Windows Azure. It uses Bing queries to find out how the popularity of a specific set of keywords on a specific set of sites. I actually created this for my own use while researching how frequently some registry keys are mentioned on Microsoft support,… Read more

BingMatrix updated to get parameters directly in the URL

In a previous blog post, I described the BingMatrix search tool: http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda/archive/2010/12/21/bingmatrix-a-windows-azure-application-that-provides-a-fun-way-to-mine-data-from-bing.aspx I have now updated it to allow you to pass the parameters directly in the URL. The updated version is already uploaded to Azure. For example, here are direct links to the 12 sample queries provided in the main page of the site:… Read more

The Basics of SMB Signing (covering both SMB1 and SMB2)

SMB Signing Overview Server Message Block (SMB) is the file protocol most commonly used by Windows. SMB Signing is a feature through which communications using SMB can be digitally signed at the packet level. Digitally signing the packets enables the recipient of the packets to confirm their point of origination and their authenticity. This security… Read more