What version of SMB2 am I using on my Windows file server?

Note: This post is now obsolete. Please refer to this newer post which includes coverage of  SMB 3.0:http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda/archive/2012/06/06/windows-server-2012-which-version-of-the-smb-protocol-smb-1-0-smb-2-0-smb-2-1-or-smb-3-0-you-are-using-on-your-file-server.aspx     I recently talked to a customer that was surprised to hear that their Windows 7 clients were not using the latest version of SMB2 to talk with their Windows Server 2003 file servers. I explained… Read more

Using PowerShell and the the iSCSI Target 3.3 WMI classes to create a differencing VHD for OS boot

I recently blogged about the PowerShell cmdlets included with the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target 3.3. That included the details on all the 10 cmdlets available, including the one used to create VHD files, which is New-IscsiVirtualDisk. If you’re paying close attention to the list of new features in the iSCSI Target 3.3, you probably noticed… Read more