FAST’10 Technical Sessions

If you work with File and Storage, you probably heard of the annual FAST conference. The most recent one was FAST’10 (8th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies), which happened in San Jose, CA on February 23-26.

The content from the FAST'10 Technical Sessions was recently published, including presentations, papers and recordings. Please find below a list of the Technical Sessions, grouped by theme:

Opening Remarks and Keynotes
Technology for Developing Regions Eric Brewer, University of California, Berkeley
Enterprise Analytics on Demand Oliver Ratzesberger, eBay, Inc.
Build a Better File System and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door
quFiles: The Right File at the Right Time Ric Wheeler, Red Hat
Tracking Back References in a Write-Anywhere File System Peter Macko and Margo Seltzer, Harvard University; Keith A. Smith, NetApp, Inc.
End-to-end Data Integrity for File Systems: A ZFS Case Study Yupu Zhang, Abhishek Rajimwale, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, and Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, University of Wisconsin—Madison
Looking for Trouble
Black-Box Problem Diagnosis in Parallel File Systems Michael P. Kasick, Carnegie Mellon University; Jiaqi Tan, DSO National Labs, Singapore; Rajeev Gandhi and Priya Narasimhan, Carnegie Mellon University
A Clean-Slate Look at Disk Scrubbing Alina Oprea and Ari Juels, RSA Laboratories
Understanding Latent Sector Errors and How to Protect Against Them Bianca Schroeder, Sotirios Damouras, and Phillipa Gill, University of Toronto
Flash: Savior of the Universe?
DFS: A File System for Virtualized Flash Storage William K. Josephson and Lars A. Bongo, Princeton University; David Flynn, Fusion-io; Kai Li, Princeton University
Extending SSD Lifetimes with Disk-Based Write Caches Gokul Soundararajan, University of Toronto; Vijayan Prabhakaran, Mahesh Balakrishnan, and Ted Wobber, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
Write Endurance in Flash Drives: Measurements and Analysis Simona Boboila and Peter Desnoyers, Northeastern University
I/O, I/O, to Parallel I/O We Go
Accelerating Parallel Analysis of Scientific Simulation Data via Zazen Tiankai Tu, Charles A. Rendleman, Patrick J. Miller, Federico Sacerdoti, and Ron O. Dror, D.E. Shaw Research; David E. Shaw, D.E. Shaw Research and Columbia University
Efficient Object Storage Journaling in a Distributed Parallel File System Sarp Oral, Feiyi Wang, David Dillow, Galen Shipman, and Ross Miller, National Center for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Oleg Drokin, Lustre Center of Excellence at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Sun Microsystems Inc.
Panache: A Parallel File System Cache for Global File Access Marc Eshel, Roger Haskin, Dean Hildebrand, Manoj Naik, Frank Schmuck, and Renu Tewari, IBM Almaden Research
Making Management More Manageable
BASIL: Automated IO Load Balancing Across Storage Devices Ajay Gulati, Chethan Kumar, and Irfan Ahmad, VMware, Inc.; Karan Kumar, Carnegie Mellon University
Discovery of Application Workloads from Network File Traces Neeraja J. Yadwadkar, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, and K. Gopinath, Indian Institute of Science; Thirumale Niranjan and Sai Susarla, NetApp Advanced Technology Group
Provenance for the Cloud Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy, Peter Macko, and Margo Seltzer, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Concentration: The Deduplication Game
I/O Deduplication: Utilizing Content Similarity to Improve I/O Performance Ricardo Koller and Raju Rangaswami, Florida International University
HydraFS: A High-Throughput File System for the HYDRAstor Content-Addressable Storage System Cristian Ungureanu, NEC Laboratories America; Benjamin Atkin, Google; Akshat Aranya, Salil Gokhale, and Stephen Rago, NEC Laboratories America; Grzegorz Całkowski, VMware; Cezary Dubnicki, 9LivesData, LLC; Aniruddha Bohra, Akamai
Bimodal Content Defined Chunking for Backup Streams Erik Kruus and Cristian Ungureanu, NEC Laboratories America; Cezary Dubnicki, 9LivesData, LLC
The Power Button
Evaluating Performance and Energy in File System Server Workloads Priya Sehgal, Vasily Tarasov, and Erez Zadok, Stony Brook University
SRCMap: Energy Proportional Storage Using Dynamic Consolidation Akshat Verma, IBM Research, India; Ricardo Koller, Luis Useche, and Raju Rangaswami, Florida International University
Membrane: Operating System Support for Restartable File Systems Swaminathan Sundararaman, Sriram Subramanian, Abhishek Rajimwale, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau, and Michael M. Swift, University of Wisconsin—Madison

To view more details about the conference and download the content (including the complete proceedings in different formats), visit their web site at

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