Presentations from Storage Developer Conference 2009 (SDC 2009) are now available for download

The presentations from SNIA's SDC 2009 are now publicly available for download. This SNIA event happened in Santa Clara, CA last September and the decks are now publicly available, after being restricted to conference attendees for a few months.

Out of the dozens of presentations, I wanted to highlight a few that were delivered by people from Microsoft:

ATA Trim/Delete Notification Support in Windows 7
Neal Christiansen

BranchCache: Next Generation Branch Office Optimizations
Ravi Rao, Molly Brown

Caching SMB Data for Offline Access and an Improved Online Experience
Molly Brown

DFS-N Overview and Scalability
Marcello Hasegawa, Saad Ansari, Jose Barreto

File Server Capacity Tool (FSCT) for CIFS/SMB/SMB2
Jose Barreto, Bartosz Nyczkowski, Jian Yan

Green Storage in the Data Center
SW Worth

Managing Storage of Virtual Machines with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SC-VMM)
Madhu Jujare

Microsoft Network Monitor 3 (NM3)
Paul Long

Microsoft Storage Management Update
Mohamed Lawindi, Michael Brasher

SMB v2.1
David Kruse

SMB2 Model Based Testing
Nico Kicillof, Albert Lee

Understanding Windows File System Transactions
Christian Allred

Using Data Classification to Manage File Servers
Adi Oltean

I would also encourage you to check the full list of presentations from SDC 2009, visiting the site at

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