Configuring Failover Clusters with Windows Storage Server 2008

The Windows Storage Server Team just released a new 30-page white paper on "Configuring Failover Clusters with Windows Storage Server 2008".

This paper will guide you through the process of configuring the networks, domains and clustering features, including performance recommendations for a pair of Windows Storage Server 2008 appliances hosting a File Server or a Microsoft iSCSI Software Target in a high availability failover cluster.

The table of contents for this new white paper shows:

  • Failover Cluster Prerequisites
    • Establish a Network Naming Convention   
    • TCP/IP Network Configuration   
    • Public Network
    • Storage Network
    • Heartbeat Network   
  • Procedures
    • Prepare the Failover Cluster
    • Create a Domain User Account
    • Add Nodes to an Active Directory Domain
    • Expose Storage to Cluster Nodes
    • Install the Failover Cluster Feature
    • Run Cluster Validation
    • Create and Configure the Failover Cluster
    • Create a Cluster
    • Set Cluster Network Properties and Apply Naming Convention
  • Create a Highly Available File Server
    • Mapping User Folders to the Highly Available File Server Share
  • Create a Highly Available iSCSI Target
    • Configuring Windows Firewall for Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
    • Installing the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
    • Create the Failover iSCSI Target Resource Group
    • Create an iSCSI Target in the Microsoft iSCSI Target MMC
    • Create and Configure Virtual Disks
    • Connect Initiators
  • Microsoft iSCSI Software Target Performance Recommendations
  • Testing Your Failover Cluster Configuration

Download it from

Comments (2)

  1. Roberto Gacitua says:

    Hey!!! the document is not available!!!! Anyone can re upload?

    1. JoseBarreto says:

      This is an old document from Sorry it’s no longer available…
      You might want to reach out to the folks at the Cluster blog at

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