Implementing an End-User Data Centralization Solution with Folder Redirection and Offline Files

There's a new 77-page white paper covering the use of Folder Redirection and Offline Files in a very practical way.

Here's an excerpt:

"The objective of this white paper is to show through a case study how to use different Microsoft products and technologies to put in place a comprehensive solution satisfying the needs of a mid-sized organization around users’ file data management. The study was conducted by the Quality Assurance group of the Storage Solutions Division (SSD) at Microsoft, a division that focuses on enabling customers of all sizes to store, manage, and reliably access their file data."

Download from

Comments (1)

  1. Peter Eggimann says:

    Unfortunately the document is no more available from Microsoft – broken link… 🙁
    Can you please send me a copy?

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