2008 SNIA Storage Developer Conference presentations available for download

The presentations from the SDC 2008 are now publicly available for download.

This SNIA event happened in Santa Clara, CA on September 22-25 and the decks are now available to everyone, after being restricted to conference attendees for a few months. 

Out of the dozens of presentations, I wanted to highlight a few that were delivered by people from Microsoft:

A CIFS/SMB/SMBV2 File Server Tool for Capacity Planning and Performance Troubleshooting
Jose Barreto, Bartosz Nyczkowski

Microsoft Network Monitor 3 (NM3)
Paul Long

Model-Based Quality Assurance of the SMB2 Protocol Documentation
Wolfgang Grieskamp

SMB Version 2: Scaling from Kilobits to Gigabits
Jim Pinkerton, David Kruse

Moving to SMB2
David Kruse

Implementing DFS-N
Dan Lovinger

Beyond CIFS
David Kruse

Below SMB: How Windows File Systems Impact Remote File Access
Neal Christiansen

Microsoft Support for SMI-S
Deborah Jones, Mohamed Lawindi

I would also encourage you to check the full list of presentations from SDC 2008, visiting the site at

Plans are now in the works for SDC 2009. Save the date and mark your calendars: It will be in September 14 - 17, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. Details at:

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  1. John Wefler says:

    Thanks!  I’ve been fishing for the Paul Long presentation for a while.

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