Moving to headquarters to work with the Storage Partners Team

I just wanted to share that I have joined a new team at Microsoft. After 5 years working with the Cisco Team in Northern California, I am now moving to the Redmond campus in Washington state. As of October 1st, 2007 I am joining the Storage Solutions Division (SSD, part of the Platform and Tools Division) as a Technology Evangelist with the Storage Partners Team.

The Storage Solutions Division’s main products and technologies include Windows Storage Server (WSS), Windows Unified Data Storage Server (WUDSS) and Data Protection Manager (DPM). In addition to that, the division works on several tools included in the Windows Client and/or Server, including Backup, Restore, System Recovery, Defragmentation, Disk Management, Offline Files, SAN Management, Disk Quotas, Cluster Services and Network Load Balancing. The SSD also works on specific technologies that are part of Windows, like DFS, NFS, SMB, CIFS, WebDAV, VSS and VDS.

My role is all about helpting partners adopt Microsoft products and technologies from the Storage Solutions Division. My initial areas of focus will be the Data Protection Manager product and the VSS and VDS technologies. As you would imagine, this will likely change the focus of my blog posts. However, I did confirm with my new manager that blogging is good and is definitely something I should continue to do.

For additional details, check the main web site at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Depois de trabalhar 5 anos com a equipe da Cisco no norte da Califórnia, acabo de me mudar o campus de

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