Microsoft Technology Roadmap in Fortaleza, Brazil

It's becoming a habit. Every time I take a vacation in Brazil (more specifically in the city of Fortaleza, where I spent most of my life), the nice folks from Evolucao Informatica ( there invite me to deliver a presentation. This time I chose to talk about the Microsoft Technology Roadmap, a big overview of what Microsoft is offering today and what is expected to happen in the near future (say, 2 years). We spent most of the time talking about technology trends like Web 2.0, Rich Client Applications and Dynamic Systes, but we also had the chance to dive into some specifics for Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Server 7, Windows Workflow Foundation and SQL Server 2008. With just a little over 1 hour to talk, many topics were just introduced. We had over 100 people at the SEBRAE conference facility and Herlenson Pontes (a Microsoft MVP in Fortaleza) was nice enough to take some pictures and share them (look under the photo galleries at

On that note, I would also like to highlight the WPC (annual Microsoft partner conference) which happened this week. Some of the keynotes from this event are available as webcasts and they do share a bit of the tone I tried to have on my presentation in Fortaleza. There are a lot of roadmap, big picture,"where are we going?" kind of things in it. Check them out at

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