Questions for Collection 5403 – Implementing Microsoft WSS 3.0

As I mentioned previously, I have started an MVP training on Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 based on the eLearning Collection 5403 - Implementing Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

During the class, I posted a few questions at the end of each course in the collection. Here are those questions. No answers yet, though 🙂


a) Course 5244 - Introduction to Microsoft WSS 3.0

a1) What is a WSS site collection is how is it different from a WSS 3.0 site?

a2) Name a few features that are included only in MOSS 2007 but not in a WSS 3.0 site.

a3) Does WSS 3.0 integrate with Office 2003 or only with Office 2007?

a4) Can Outlook 2007 be use to take WSS 3.0 documents libraries offline in the same way it can be used to take discussions offline?

a5) If an organization implemented a simple SMTP/POP3 solution instead of Exchange Server, can they still integrate e-mail with WSS 3.0?

a6) What is a site collection administrator and is it different from a site owner?

a7) Is it possible to grant rights to an entire Active Directory group in SharePoint?


b) Course 5245 - Planning the WSS 3.0 Environment

b1) What are main differences between using one single site collection with three sub sites and using three separate site collections, in regards to capacity planning?

b2) How do you prevent people from creating sites that end up unused?

b3) Should you take support for versioning in consideration for SharePoint capacity planning or the impact negligible?

b4) If you use the single server deployment model, do you need to install SQL Server 2005 (or 2000) before installing WSS?

b5) If you want to separate the database from the application layer and you also want to provide fault tolerance, what is the minimum number of servers you'll need and what would be their roles?

b6) If you are providing access to your WSS server to the outside (Internet), what ports do you need to open in your firewall?

b7) Besides clustering, what other supported methods can you use to provide high reliability for your SharePoint content databases?


c) Course 5246 – Deploying WSS 3.0

c1) What are the server hardware requirements for installing WSS 3.0?

c2) What operating system and optional components do you need in place before you install WSS 3.0?

c3) If you're using Kerberos in a single server deployment, which additional Active Directory-related steps do you need to perform?

c4) If you choose to use a separate server for SQL Server, what specific SQL Server permissions do you need to install WSS 3.0?

c5) What are the 3 different types of upgrade? Which one does not preserve your main configuration? Which one requires you to run both WSS 2.0 and 3.0 at the same time?


d) Course 5247 – Administering WSS 3.0

d1) When configuring the incoming e-mail service for SharePoint, is it required to have the Windows Server SMTP service enabled?

d2) Where in the administration interface do you configure usage reporting?

d3) If you configure multiple content databases in for a web application, how does WSS select where the next site collection will be created?

d4) Can you mention at least two different ways to create a new site collection for WSS?

d5) What settings are available only on site collection settings but not on site settings?


e) Course 5248 – Maintaining and Optimizing WSS 3.0

e1) If you backup only your content databases from SQL Server, what information are you missing in case you need to restore your environment from scratch?

e2) If you install your WSS solution with a standard SQL Server install and never do any SQL Server maintenance, what is likely the first issue you will run into?

e3) How can you prevent a site collection from growing too large?

e4) Can a single site collection be configured to use multiple content databases?

e5) What are the roles of Event Viewer, Performance Monitor and MOM in the monitoring of a WSS server?

e6) What specific counters and logs should you watch in a WSS server to make sure you're not running out of resources?


f) Course 5249 – Customizing and Securing WSS 3.0

f1) What are the main types of modification that you can perform on a site to customize it?

f2) If you added a few custom lists and views to a site and wanted to have a similar site in another site collection, how would you do it?

f3) If you already customized a site (including several sub sites) and wanted to adjust the UI to include the company logo on all pages, how would you do it?

f4) What’s the best way to have different types of files under the “New” option in a document library?

f5) What are the three default groups for a site collection and what are their default permissions?

f6) What’s the best procedure to limit access to a set of documents to a subset of the users of a site?

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