If you're not ready for Windows XP SP2 yet, you might want to know that there is a simple way to disable Automatic Update's ability to deploy SP2 in your corporate environment.

Just use any management tool you use (SMS, Altiris, Login Scripts) do deploy a specific registry setting to your Windows XP clients.

All you have to do is put the value 1 into a key value named "DoNotAllowXPSP2" in the "HKLM Software Policies Microsoft Windows WindowsUpdate" registry key.

By the way, Automatic Updates of Windows XP Pro to SP2 will start next week, on August 25th. It's also good to know that after December 14th, Windows XP will ignore those settings and install SP2 anyway.

You can find more details about this at:


Se você não está preparado ainda para o Windows XP SP2, existe uma forma simples de evitar que a Atualização Automática implemente o SP2 na sua empresa.

Basta usar qualquer ferramenta de gerenciamento (SMS, Altiris, Login Scripts) para implementar nos seus clientes Windows XP uma configuração específica do registro.

É so colocar o valor 1 numa chave do registro chamada "DoNotAllowXPSP2" em "HKLM Software Policies Microsoft Windows WindowsUpdate".

Por sinal, a Atualização Automática do Windows XP Pro para SP2 vai começar na semana que vem, no dia 25 de agosto. É bom também saber que depois de 14 de dezember o Windows XP vai ignorar esta configuração e instalar o SP2 de qualquer forma.

Veja mais detalhes sobre este assunto em:

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  1. Sushant Bhatia says:

    WHAT….you install the software without the permission of the user. Thats just bad policy. Imagine how many test machines would get messed because of this. Bad MS…Bad!!!! 🙂

  2. Jose de Araujo says:

    Microsoft does not install this without the permission of the user. SP2 is a collection of patches and will apply only if the user has chosen to install patches via automatic updates.

    Corporate customers are most likely using a patch management solution like SUS (free from Microsoft), SMS or Altiris. In this case, they have the option to approve each individual patch (including SP2).

    This option is only important because some corporate clients might have chosen automatic update and could use a simple way to allow the extra time for testing, because of the unusual number of behavior changes in SP2.

    Again, you only get SP2 if you have elected to get updates automatically. If you didn’t do this, then you will have to use windows update or manually download/install.

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