Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 8 are now available

The RTM version of the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 is now available here:

Please take a moment to download them and update any prior RC versions that you might have in your environment.  For those of you who aren't aware, the RSAT tools are a tools management suite that can be used to remotely manage Windows Server 2012 servers from a Windows 8 client installation. Let me know if you encounter any issues with using them.



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  1. xpclient says:

    Strange because the shortcuts are always mixed on whatever system I install RSAT on. The ones that give you an error on a workgroup-joined PC are "local". Rest shortcuts are remote-server-only management tools and should be put in a separate folder.

  2. Yes, the ones in August were the RC builds I believe, these are the final bits.

  3. Pronichkin says:

    Hi xpclient,

    I do not represent the RSAT team, but here are two considerations against your suggestion.

    1. It has always been this way, since Adminpak.msi for Windows 2000.

    2. There is not always clear differentiation between tools that are "remote" and those that are not. One example is AD DS management. Seems remote, but this directly affects which users can log in to your local workstation. Another is Computer Management. Seems local, but you can easily retarget the console to manage any server.

  4. xpclient says:

    One suggestion for the team that maintains the RSAT is that they create the shortcuts on client system in a separate 'Remote' folder and not mix them up with local administration tool shortcuts in 'Administrative Tools' folder.

  5. Sandy Wood says:

    How do these tools differ from those that were available in August? I've got the same update installed on my Windows 8 Enterprise workstation. Is this an update to that?

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