Support ending for Windows Vista SP1

In case you missed it, support for Vista SP1 officially ends on 7/12.  More information on this can be found in the link below:

Here are the dates for the Server 2008 editions:


Comments (2)

  1. We do best effort support on those systems after the end of life date.  Usually, we'll work on assisting you to get SP2 installed for Vista firs tand then see what the problem state of the machine is from there.

  2. klt says:

    The support policy confuses me.. when MS says Support for a particular SP is done.. The docs usually say that.. No Security bulletins would be released, no hotfix would be designed or a change request acceptd, but wat abt the support calls..? Do u assist on issues on a SP1 machine or insist having higher sp inspite the problem not having any relation to any SP?

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