New fix released to prevent 0xC0000034 errors during Windows 7/2008 R2 SP1 installation

Quick update today for one of the issues seen during SP1 installation on Windows 7 and 2008 R2 installs.  The update will be available on Tuesday. 

Released today:

This update does not repair machines in a torn state but prevents the issue from occuring when installed on Windows installations that have not have SP1 installed.  Comment here with questions. 


Comments (14)

  1. Mike;

    I'm working on something for torn state right now, so please hold off.  I'll have more information on the blog sometime this week I'm hoping.

  2. When can we download the update? It doesn't show on WindowsUpdate (Win7 RTM x86 German).

    Or do we get it next Tuesday on the Patchday?

  3. Yes, this should be instsalled on live sytsems if its not already.  However, if the systems have been updated to SP1 all its really going to do is update the servicing stack for you.

  4. Not to my knowledge, no.  It's just a condition that can exist with multiple pendings.

  5. Bob Hyatt says:

    Awesome – only 12 weeks to late.

  6. nick says:


    what he said.

    I am still dumbfounded that we have not seen a Service Pack "over the top" release…. (an inplace download)

  7. tom says:

    I think it is a disgrace that Microsoft didn't pull SP1 when it became obvious there was an issue. We waited four weeks after its release to avoid this sort of crap and didn't expect to run into such a widely experienced problem. Now we have to clear up the mess.

  8. Ed says:

    @Tom: Well switch to Linux then. Most companies will wait a bit before a service pack is released. Things have to be tested. I have installed it on 5 different systems [and 5 different manufacturers] without a hitch.

  9. jim says:

    @Tom – You are absolutely correct, Microsoft seriously dropped the ball on this and the Window’s team reaction has been pathetic and lethargic at best.  MS forgets the fact that people NEED their computers to perform work and cannot wait for weeks for a fix when they had other immediate ones at their disposal. At a time when MS needs all the support from its users, advocates AND partners they have chosen to avoid releasing a fix for a problem (torn state) they clearly created and did not adequately test.   As much as I hate to say this the apathy and arrogance of MS in situations like this only helps the competition and starts to wear down their supporters.  

    @Ed – It is great your five machines went well but the issue that you are unfamiliar with is the thousands of machines that are deployed through MS technologies other than Windows update.   Just so you can be informed you should understand that most people tested it and only because of SP1 and WSUS was there an issue which your 5 machine test with Windows Update would never divulge.

    @Joscon (joseph) We in the community believe you tried to help and act as advocate but the MS machine forgets the users often.  Thanks for the effort.

  10. susan says:

    Andre – it comes out next Tuesday on Patch Day

  11. rahul says:

    Hey Joseph,

    I read the article that is posted and to my recollect there were a few updates that got installed via WSUS when i installed SP1 apart from the SP. This article talks abt the other updates, pls dont tell us that these few updates that were coupled were the cause of the disaster?

  12. mike says:


    Joseph, can I post my resolution to machines in the torn state that seems to have worked for me, that I opened a ticket with MS and resolved?  


  13. Drewfus says:


    when building a reference image, should this update be installed as a matter of course? That is, is this a general update for the servicing stack, or more just a workaround for 0xC0000034 errors?

  14. Drewfus says:

    I meant – a workaround … on live systems.

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