Installing the RSAT tools on Windows 7 SP1 installations

We currently have a known issue with the RSAT tools ( for Windows 7 SP1 installations.  You will get an error when you attempt to install the tools on integrated SP1 clean installs.  The error is: "The update does not apply to your system".  We know about the issue and will be re-releasing the tools in April for SP1 installations.

In the meantime, a workaround for this issue is to do the following:

  1. Install Windows 7 RTM
  2. Install the RSAT tools
  3. Install Service Pack 1 via the standalone package

NOTE: If you want to attempt to install the RSAT tools on an already existing installation of SP1, see the comments below for some suggestions.  From what I can tell people are having mixed results.  However, I will say this.  If you are going to attempt to workaround the RSAT tools issue by attempting the methods below, please make note of the machines that you do it to.  There is a chance that the methods used might break the actual installation of the post SP1 released RSAT tools once they become available in April. 


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  1. RSAT hasnt released yes so I'm not sure what you're referring to. I'm assuming this is a dig at SP1 but even then, its quite a reach.

  2. If thats the case Roel, you'll need to wait until April.

  3. @jones this also doesn't work all times.

    The solution is the use expand again and extract the CAB.

    Now use pkgmgr to install the MUM (the neutral, the version which fits to your language and the minilp which fits to your language) files.

    this works, but the tools are still RTM (hyper-V Manager, so you can't use the new Sp1 features).

  4. You have other methods, you can RDP into the machine and administer it from a client if you needed to.  I personally dont disagree with you that the tools could have been available earlier, but to say you have zero options because you didnt have RSAT available isnt valid to me.

    Or am I missing something?

  5. I havent had time to work on the expand test, sorry that's not working for you.  But yes, Ned's blog is basically saying the same as mine, which is April for the release of RSAT.

  6. Workaround in this case refers to working around the RSAT installation issue.  If you must have them, then yes, its a major rework.  If you didnt already had them but needed them, you have steps to get them.

  7. @Joseph

    the pkgmgr doesn't work, but I have an idea which I check later.

    Btw, do you know why an user has has this WU Client version?

    WUClient-SelfUpdate-Aux~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~7.7.414.0 The user had this version which expired in March 2010, which leads to an Sp1 install failure:…/5c95bd6f-041e-4d68-b19b-304c5162aa27

  8. @Count;  You're entitled to your opinion but I can tell you from my vantage point that it's not the case.  My RDP comment was meant to show that there are OTHER options for management if you're in need of them.

  9. Glad to see its working manually, it's been hit or miss for people.

  10. @Paul try my guide. I posted some pictures and the commands.

  11. Here is my workaround to install the RSAT on Win 7 Sp1…/index.php

  12. @someone. this is only the case for RSAT. Virtual PC installs on Sp1 without any issues.

    ok, I'll take a look at it with procmon maybe I can see something. I was able to display it in the control panel. Now I look deeper into it. Installing from an integrated ISO makes the workaround impossible.

  13. Well I know why it happens, I guess I shouldnt have said it that way.  It's because of the versioning information on the files.  Why it was decided to do that way, I'm not sure.  Frankly, even if I knew I dont know that I would be stating it <G>

  14. Editing registry settings is not the proper way to install software.  

  15. Andre;

    That's an odd version number.  The only thing I even seen internally (scanning very quickly) is a reference to a SCCM pushed version of WU.

  16. It's more the testing of each individual component in the RSAT tools against integrated SP1 code to ensure there are no regressions that takes the time.  And you're right, those test passes are very complicated.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I found a SUPER simple answer to the problem if you've already installed SP1

    Open Regedit and broswe to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion

    Modify CSDBuildNumber from 1130 to 1

    Install the tools and then change the value back to 1130.

  18. Not right now, sorry πŸ™

  19. Good question, honestly, I have no idea.

    But I will ask πŸ™‚

  20. "That's an odd version number.  The only thing I even seen internally (scanning very quickly) is a reference to a SCCM pushed version of WU."

    thanks Joseph.

  21. Anonymous says:

    to be wait until april no fixes wil work..

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is most disappointing having to wait until April.  We have finished our Windows 7 X64 with SP1 (Volume Licensing) image for our desktops/laptops.  We are now testing with the business and IT staff and guess what?  The #1 complaint is that RSAT does not work for our Admins.  Usually our Admins help us test features so they are early in the process.  Having to RDP to another server is such a lame option since you guys have had months to prepare for SP1.

  23. Anonymous says:

    SO many poor choices with this. What was wrong with releasing it as an MSI like the adminpak's have ALWAYS been? Why is a non-windows-feature being pushed as a windows feature? So many pointless changes it almost seems like it was done for the sake of doing it differently.

    PLEASE stop doing stuff like this. I have lost track of the number of times I've looked at something microsoft has changed and thought "other than trying to look cooler…what was the point of that?"

    Maybe you guys don't actually admin anything, but with the number of applications, services, servers, technologies, you name it out there BELIEVE me, I care not a whit for a cool new look and GREATLY about the option or setting or method that has worked for who knows how many versions CONTINUING to work that way.

    IIS 6 I'm looking at you.

    Worse still is after these changes (and IIS6 is a perfect example) you don't bother updating your documentation (because that would suck wouldn't it, updating ALLLL those things because of one piddling change…get my point?). So you are left interpreting where this feature or that setting MIGHT be or what it might now be called.

    For the precious little underlying functionality that changes you guys sure do seem to come up with a lot of new ways to make things look.

  24. I'm just reporting what I was given, maybe it will get done earlier πŸ™‚

  25. Paul,

    You have to install RSAT prior to updating to Service Pack 1.  If you rebuilt, you should have done Win7 –> RSAT –> SP1.  That keeps the tools in place.

  26. MBC;

    Someone sent me some mail about a posting on another site for getting this to work on integrated installations.  NOTE: I havent tried this but here are the steps:

    β€’ Expand the contents of the *.msu file from the command line using the expand command.

    expand -f:* "amd64fre_GRMRSATX_MSU.msu" %temp%RSAT

    β€’ After extracting the contents of the .msu file, you can install it by using Package Manager (pkgmgr.exe) from the command line using the following type syntax:

    pkgmgr.exe /n:%temp%RSATWindows6.1-KB958830-x64.xml

    Feel free to test it and let me know your thoughts, I'll try and make some time later today to test it


  27. anony.muos says:

    Why are MSU packages that deliver additional features that are not OS components tied to service packs? Should not be the case. For example, Ultimate Extras did not fail to install on any cardinal point level, RTM or SP1 or SP2.

  28. April? That's a pretty long wait …

  29. mbc11 says:

    I will be waiting patiently. If someone hacks this in, please post πŸ™‚ In future service packs, would it be possible to build these tools into Professional —-> Ultimate versions?

  30. colin says:

    Haven't been able to get the expand/pkgmgr to work.  Fresh install of W7 with SP1.

  31. colin says:…/rtm-rsat-and-sp1-win7-shot-over.aspx

    Says expand/pkgmgr won't work and everyone is stuck till April for an SP1 working release, no workaround at all available.

    Pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

  32. Daniel Wolf says:

    Seems like administrators have been left out a lot recently.

  33. Remote Server Administrator says:

    How hard can it be for a company like Microsoft to quickly develop a SP1 version of the RSAT package?

  34. dannyres says:

    The expand command does work (give it at least 10 mins and then reboot).  HOWEVER it installs an old version of RSAT which doesn't have the options for dynamic memory, etc, which installing SP1 ontop of RSAT would bring.

  35. Paul M says:

    I am installing RSAT for Windows 7 ingrated SP1 and having no problems if I install manually. I can;t get it to install from SCCM, but that is another story.

  36. Kraag says:

    This is a joke….. I already had to reinstall Win 7 because of a single missing driver in the driverstore file repository just to update to SP1 now I can't install the RSAT tools because SP1 is installed…… Great job MS.

  37. serj says:

    April? Really …  This is unbelievable. 2+ months for this … amateurs ..

  38. Roel J says:

    Unfortunately the manual workaround isn't working for me … Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 integrated.

  39. PaulM says:

    Well bad news, I rebuilt the same machine, went to manually install RSAT, and getting the error everyone else is, "The update does not apply to your system".  D'oh ! ! !

  40. Jones says:

    the expand/pkgmgr does work – you need to be patient….

    the simple way:

    on command line:

    expand -f:* g:msuamd64fre_FRMRSATX_MSU.msu rsat

    pkgmgr.exe /n:g:msursatWindows6.1-KB958830-x64.xml

    replace path with any path you like, make sure β€œrsat” subdirectory exists (g:msursat in the example)

    after executing the pkgmgr command it will take a few minutes without anything – no progressbar or anything – just nothing.

    After a few minutes (10 – 15 minutes) you’re prompted to reboot.

    Do so.

    Then go so control panel -> windows functions and add install the remote admin stuff you want to use.

    Note: also works for windows 7 home premium.

  41. Paul M says:

    Andre, this still didn't work for me. πŸ™ Waiting until April by the looks of things. Thankfully my support staff can use Terminal Server sessions

  42. Roi says:

    4 Weeks to pick all the files from the sp1 and put them into a single msu.

    Must be very complicated. They should have stayed with msi….

  43. Usher says:

    Alright, time to go on vacation til April πŸ™‚

  44. Coder4Life says:

    Do we have an exact date in April? I am holding up deployment of desktops because I can't manage them. We are still on Server 2003 so this is my only choice.

  45. Robert L. says:

    Just ran into this problem… mayor disappointment…

  46. user says:

    This sucks

  47. mielkman says:

    Glad I didn't install my new computer all willy-nilly!  I used a sp1 install disk and was much disappointed when I couldn't put RSAT on my front desk machine which NEEDS to use the RSAT to manage user accounts.  April feels like forever away with a line of new users needing accounts created and changed daily!

  48. Carl C says:


    Download this, it will install post SP1 (or at least it did on mine) I now have ADUC, DNS, DHCP Sites & Services, CA, etc

  49. Joe says:

    How many people does microsoft employ?  Testing the tools should not take very long with the number of hands at microsoft's disposal.  I always raz my coworkers when they first see a SP released they install it.  I usually wait two or three months for MS to pull their heads out and fix little things like this.  What did I do this time?  I was one of the foolish early adopters.  Now I have to remote desktop into a server to manage users.  WTF is that about?  Come on Microsoft.  This level of testing I would expect out of Apple, not Mircosoft.

  50. RSAT says:

    Any update on this? Our Administrators are getting frustrated …

  51. Shmoe says:

    This is totally unacceptable. I service pack my machine before installing any software — like most anyone should do.

    Typical Microsoft, but it should NEVER happen this way.

  52. Shmoe says:

    joscon, neither is releasing it without having tested it in real-world scenarios.

  53. Shmoe says:

    Why would that be a reach? MS doesn't feel we actually need to administer our servers for a month and a half?

  54. It Worked For Me Too.. says:


    Download this, it will install post SP1 (or at least it did on mine) I now have ADUC, DNS, DHCP Sites & Services, CA, etc

  55. Shmoe says:

    I realize the alternatives, but it's not much of a stretch from having to RDP than it is to change a registry key to install a piece of software, is it?

    The bottom line? It. Should. Have. Just. Worked.

  56. countzero says:

    Microsoft have become so focused on making things "cool" for the home user, that they don't give a damn for the corporate user anymore! They want to be Apple soooo bad.

    The mod's comment of "you can RDP into the machine and administer it" shows what little understanding Microsoft have of their corporate users these days. Who here has just the one machine to administer? We need tools that link us to multiple services rather than a solitary machine!

  57. countzero says:

    Oh and I'm sorry if this seems pedantic but, what is described as a workaround is in fact a reworking. As one will only encounter this problem with SP1 installed it is not a workaround to flatten, reload Windows 7 RTM, install RSAT, install SP1, and install all your favourite programs. That is major rework!

  58. Changing "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion" "CSDBuildNumber" from 1130 to 1 didn't seem to work.  Still got the error that the package is not compatible…

  59. Switching to LINUX says:

    You know, Enterprise support is "Explicitly" over seas unless you pay big bucks for premium even with an Enterprise agreement. This RSAT issue is inexcusable. Been doing IT for 20 years and can do it all on any platform. At least Novell, LINUX groups, test their stuff for the common compatability issues. "Like admin tools". With support being some overseas clowns reading a script, I may as well use LINUX and do it myself, the right way. (Save myself and customers a few bucks in the process)

  60. Roel says:

    It's the 4th of April, any idea when we can expect the working RSAT tools?

  61. Jools86 says:

    Hey guys Microsoft just released RSAT for Windows 7 SP1 (finally)  –>…/details.aspx

  62. jacques says:

    Would there be any point to installing "RSAT for Windows 7 SP1" on a Windows 7 RTM machine which was updated to SP1 *after* the original "RSAT for Windows 7" was installed?  i.e. is there any difference between the tools in the SP1 release of RSAT and those in the original RSAT? and if so, did applying SP1 to the a machine with the original RSAT update RSAT to SP1 as well?  (You'd think this would be an obvious question to see answered in the RSAT SP1 release notes or download page, but nary a word!)



  63. jacques says:

    This article seems to answer my question:…/2517239

    Apparently, SP1 updates the original RSAT, so there shouldn't be a need to install the SP1 flavor.


  64. Ruisu says:

    RSAT for Windows 7 SP1 has been released!!!  On April 7th 2011…/details.aspx

  65. New release of RSAT tools do not work. says:

    I have tried installing the new release of the RSAT tools on my Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 machine and I get the same error as I did with the previous RSAT tools.  Has anyone else had this problem?

  66. Majid says:

    someone tell Microsoft to be reasanble….

    this is really annoying

  67. Brian S says:

    Just downloaded and installed the new version. Worked Perfectly!

  68. Re:New release of RSAT tools do not work says:

    Responding to my previous message about how I could not get the new tools to work; I found a weird reason why.  I was trying to run the package from the network, I happened to copy the package to my local machine and the tools install no problem.  Not sure why that would be because I can't imagine running the package would disconnect my network connection in any way.  I thought I would share that.

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