Where is VSP1CLN on Windows 2008?

We're asked all the time about the size of the WinSXS directory.  So much so that my original blog on the subject (located here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2008/09/17/what-is-the-winsxs-directory-in-windows-2008-and-windows-vista-and-why-is-it-so-large.aspx) is one of the top hit blogs on my teams site.

A question that comes up a lot about this particular blog is where the VSP1CLN utility is located on Windows 2008 installations.  The VSP1CLN utility is used to mark the Service Pack 1 binaries permanent, thus reclaiming some of the disk space on those installations. I did a poor job of making that clear on the original blog, so I figured I would make it clear here.  VSP1CLN is only available for machines that were RTM+SP1 installations.  So, this means that the utility is only applicable to client installations.  Why?  Because when we shipped Windows 2008 Server, it already included the SP1 binaries and they were already marked permanent when it was shipped.  This means that you not only dont need to run this on 2008 installations, but you cant.

If you install Service Pack 2 for Windows 2008, you can mark it permanent and reclaim disk space using the COMPCLN utility.


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  1. I do answer the question, VSP1CLN was already run on 2008 installations because SP1 is already there.  If you want additional space savings, install SP2 and use COMPCLN.  It's the answer.

    On your client installation it probably doesn't exist because you're using an integrated build where again, its already been run.  VSP1CLN is there when you use the standalone version of the SP1 installer on Vista.

  2. @Bill;

    I know you sent me mail offline about this as well but the problem you are running into is best resolved by reading this:


    And then increasing the size of your virtual environment to compensate properly for your space needs.  


  3. Bill Wallace says:

    This is still not helpful. i need to solve the problem. How do I do this?

  4. TechRet says:


    Please learn to listen to people, and answer their questions as opposed to force feeding them whatever you personally think they should hear. I am not sure why you are adamant in not helping to answer his question, but it would be very nice if you could at least attempt to answer the question. While I appreciate your expertise, you have not helped at all.

    P.S. your information is incorrect, I have a current SP1 installation with no VSP!CLN to be found on my client installation, and my vista install size is a joke. /wrists

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