Bitlocker tools updates have been reissued for SP2 installations

If you were not aware, the Bitlocker tools have all been reissued last week to work properly on SP2 installations of Windows Vista and 2008.

I know that this is something that has come up many times and was very frustrating to many of you.  You can now download the new versions of the tools from the following links:


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  1. We havent seen any issues since the re-released tools.  I would make sure you have the latest update from the download center.

  2. Chad;

    I tested all of these updates on x86 and x64 flavors of SP2 and didnt have any issues (aside from the Password Recovery tool which has since been fixed).  The error "update does not apply" can also mean that the update is already installed or a supercedent fix is on the machine.  I would check that as well.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I will make the product group aware of the concerns.  I have spoken with customers that have voiced this in the past as well.

  4. Frances,

    It is the one mentioned above in the article.  The download is located here for x86:

    Let me know if that doesnt work for you and I will check them out but we havent had any issues to date with the re-released bits aside from the viewer tool (which we are working to fix).

  5. It’s hard to do these one off without seeing the logs, but if you get an update doesnt apply now in Windows 7, its because it really doesnt apply.  Most likely you have a superceded version of eshell.dll on the machine that doesnt need whats in the fix mentioned.  We added better error handling to WUSA in Windows 7 so that you no longer get innocuous messages like you did in Windows Vista.

    For example, if you have an update that doesnt apply because its already installed (because that was the most common reason in the past for the error), we just tell you its already installed.

  6. For this fix, there isnt one. I meant that to be more of a general statement of what would cause the error during installation than anything else.  Sorry about the confusion.  If the update is already installed, thats why you're getting the error you're seeing.  We've changed that behavior in Win7 to an extent.

  7. Thanks for that….not sure how that was missed.  I will make the product group aware of it today and see when we’ll have an update.  Sorry 🙁

  8. ServicePacks says:

    Another thing that is immensely frustrating and which MS *CAN* change at this point is to make Windows service packs cumulative once again. We have already lost slipstreaming, at least making Service Packs cumulative so SP2 of Windows 7 can be applied to RTM in the future will help ease the burden on IT.

  9. Boltch says:

    I tried to install some Windows 7 updates which have been publicly released. So why does KB978632 refuse to install saying it is not applicable to my system?. Apparently, one of the other Media Center updates installed a newer version of the files updated by KB978632 but instead of telling the user that, the servicing team messed it up by showing the same general message "This update is not applicable to your computer". In Vista, it was even worse with the same message being shown for already installed updates when you tried to reinstall them. MS fixed that but didn’t fix it when a newer version of the file was present? Please fix this in Windows 7 SP1 or a hotfix.

  10. Krisztian says:

    Hi Joseph,

    The third link (928202) still points to an old package that doesn’t work on Vista SP2.



  11. Robin says:

    Yup, I agree, the x86 package is exactly the same as before. (The x64 has changed though.)

    Bit pointless really…



  12. Frances says:

    I am still getting the ‘update does not apply’ for Vista x86 SP2 bitlocker preparation tool and the manual steps are not working for me, nothing is installed. I am going round in circles can you point me to the definitive, up to date, working download? thanks

  13. Chad says:

    Has this been resolved yet?  I am still getting the same issue as Frances – This Update Does Not Apply To Your System). – Vista Enterprise, x86, SP2 workstation.

  14. Chad says:

    Yep, tried it.  I get the same error message trying to install RSAT as well.

  15. Chad says:

    Everything I'm reading indicates that the RSAT and the BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer will not install under Vista Enterprise SP2.  We're going to test a system out by backing it down to SP1 and trying to install both.  Has anyone successfully installed either of these tools on a Vista Enterprise SP2 machine?

  16. Chad says:

    Yeah, I can see the instance of the update already being installed.  We have tested that on one machine.  When you say "supercedent fix", can you be more descriptive?  What fix (other that the same one already exsiting) would cause the tools not to install?

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