New CheckSUR versions for Windows 7 and 2008 R2 are now available

The CheckSUR utility is now available for Windows 7 and 2008 R2 clients.

 It can be downloaded from here:

 Update:  Just a quick note on this because I have had a couple of people ask.  This update is correctly listed as being for Win7 RC, a version of CheckSUR will ship for Win7 RTM codebase sometime after release.

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  1. CheckSUR is very similar to other corruption detection products (like CHKDSK).  Its job is to find store state inconsistencies and fix them when it can.  What I will do is dedicate an upcoming post to CheckSUR and what it does.

  2. Because just like kernel mode bugchecks, when we see certain patterns, we know how to fix.  For example, maybe we see a lot of events where a specific manifest is getting removed from a system, once we know that we can fix it with CheckSUR but it requires us to ship an updated version of the file.

  3. anonymous says:

    I never understood the purpose of this utility. Can you explain about it more? An inconsistency is found in the store on users’ systems on a regular basis? Isn’t the design at fault then?

  4. anonymous says:

    But why does it need to be updated on a regular basis?

  5. Marileeh says:

    I need help desperately. In a moment of insanity I added IE8 which does not work with my online universtiy. I now need to remove it BUT I can’t uninstall it as it never showed as installed. What should I do?

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