[en] 29106 Troubleshooting Table

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1 Connect to the OperationsManager Database Tries to communicate to SQL Server (usually via port 1433) or the port that is defined in the OpsMgr Setup. 29106 Failed to connect to an IPC Port: Access is denied.
2 Authenticate in the OperationsManager Database Authenticates in the database to perform a securable action, such as resolving alerts, executing tasks, overriding monitors, creating user roles, viewing alerts, viewing events, and so on.    
3 Decrypt Secure Storage Key Operations Manager 2007 loads the encryption key that is used to protect secure data, such as Run As Accounts, in the Operations Manager database, and to encrypt data between the Root Management Server and the SDK. 29106 Error occurred during a cryptographic operation
4 Load Topology Having been notifed of the configuration change, the Config ServiceEngine then proceeds to evaluate which of the individual healthstates have changed ie are classed as “Dirty” 20047 The Health Service has re-routed or deleted items destined for <agent> in management group <MG> due to a topology change.
5 Load Config Config Service reads and caches the Config state of each of the individual health states until its in-memory state is in sync with that of the database. 29106 Config service failed to service the request because it is waiting to refresh in memory copy of the database. OR "Microsoft.Mom.ConfigService.Public.ConfigServiceException: RelationshipId =
'<GUID>' is deleted. --->
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.DataItemDoesNotExistException: RelationshipId
= '<GUID>' is deleted. OR An instance was deleted
before its properties could be read. --->
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.DataItemDoesNotExistException: An instance
was deleted before its properties could be read OR "Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.DataAccessLayerException: Invalid column
name SizeNumeric_486ADDDB_2EB8_819A_FA24_8F6AB3E29543 for query
6 Copy Config as a XML file When this stage is reached, Config changes to the database can be evaluated and redistributed to the Health Services as deltas thus minimizing the traffic and processing of Config state changes 21027 OpsMgr has received configuration for management group <Management Group> from the Configuration Service, but failed to process the configuration. Configuration will be re-requested. The current state cookie is ""
7 Parse XML file   21041 Operations Manager has received a bad configuration file for management group <MG> which could not be parsed. Configuration has been re-requested. A copy of the bad configuration file will be placed in C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State\Connector Configuration Cache\<MG>\OpsMgrConnector.Config.Error.xml
8 Send Config to Child Health Services   21042 Operations Manager has discarded 1 items in management group <Management Group Name>, which came from $$ROOT$$. These items have been discarded because no valid route exists at this time. This can happen when new devices are added to the topology but the complete topology has not been distributed yet. The discarded items will be regenerated.
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