[ENG] How to disable notifications for Agentless Exception Monitoring

More Information
  • You configured AEM per http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc540388.aspx
  • The agent will show up a popup window requesting to send the data to the Management Server 
  • Here are the steps to send the reports silently:
    • Edit the Policy for AEM and navigate to the following node:
      • Computer Configuration
        • Administrative Templates
          • Application Error Reporting
            • Queued Reporting
              • Bypass queue and send all reports [ENABLED]
              • Send all queued reports silently [ENABLED]
            • System
              • Error Reporting
                • Display Error Notification[DISABLED]                                                                             
                • Configure Error Reporting [ENABLED]
            • Internet Communication Management
              • Internet Communication Settings
                • Turn off Windows Error Reporting [DISABLED]       


  • In this post we reviewed the steps needed to send AEM notifications silently
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