Cat Power – Tomcat on Server 2008 Core with IIS7

EPIC START So this turned out to be much longer than I thought – the basic goal is to utilise two of the coolest features of Window Server 2008 – Core and IIS7. The idea is to create an ultimately low footprint web server on Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 Core and show how that…


HUGE performance increases with PHP on Windows 2008

One of our local developers Dallas J Clark (Brisbane local) blogged about an article that shows PHP with a 130% performance increase on Windows Server 2008 – and of course there have been a few comments asking about the metrics of the comparison etc. So naturally I’m wading into to try and clear the water…..


What size footprint does your worker process leave?

Well it all depends on what you are cramming into your request pipeline! With IIS7’s modular architecture you have the ability to load only what you need to run. What does this mean – well let’s look at the footprint of a worker process that has all default modules loaded, i.e. ASP/ASP.NET/CGI/Authorization etc etc. To…


FastCGI GoLive for IIS5.1/IIS6

We just announced the Go Live release of FastCGI for IIS5.1/6 – how cool is that! This means the fully scalable production CGI environments can be run on the windows platform giving everyone the ability to deploy all sorts of applications. Check out the full details Can’t wait for IIS7 where FastCGI is a module…