Down and Dirty with tech•ed backstage

Sign up for the dirt and all view of what happens with the production of tech•ed 09 Australia. Subscribe to – to get the low down on what is going on. Here is the first post… Welcome to the start of tech•ed Backstage. This blog is designed to give the world the view of…


Tech.Ed 2009 Windows 7 Experience – Netbooks for you!

So FINALLY we can talk about a project that’s been happening for a while now. I’ve picked up a job for Tech.Ed 2009 as overall infrastructure guy so i’ve been working on ensuring that we have the best technology to deliver and awesome event. Aside from that we had a question earlier in the year…


Tech.Ed Day 2/3 and Dusted

Well that was the hugest Tech.Ed ever and all I can say is “ma legs, ma legs.. can’t feel my legs!..”. I spent the last 2 days on the MS showcase stand around the Dev Garten and talked to literally hundreds of customers and partners. For those that want to follow up with feel free…


Halo 3 Hoodies

          Check it out – Deeps modeling a Halo 3 hoodie –          show the technet love and you might get one.               -jorke


Tech.Ed Day 1

tech.ed is off and rocking, awesome keynote from AnimalLogic who’ve worked on Happy Feet and 300 plus the Carlton Big Ad – really cool to see how these guys work and I love their idea of Best Practice being “Getting the Job Done”. Great keynote by Frank, where did he get those tourists?? Spent some time connecting with customers on…


Tech.Ed bound

Tech.Ed is next week starting Tuesday – totally sold out. Johann and Deeps are getting excited with the showcase and stand set-ups. Chuck has lined me up manning some of the Microsoft Booths which we’ll be showing off some of the coolest new developments, be sure to check out the Hands-On-Lab that Chuck has created. See…



With Frank returning to the mothership a few things have shuffled around, well not much for me anyway being the DPE teams “n00b”.. I now report to Anna Liu who is like the smartest tech chick I know – which is awesome! I’ve also had a small title change so I’m now a Web Platform…