Web Platform Installer Released!

If you’ve been to any presentations I’ve done recently you’ve seen how much I love talking about this tool. Very simply the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) is a tool that installs IIS7, extensions, tools, runtimes and applications in a easy to use manner. This includes PHP, SQL Express and Visual Web Developer Express. Its never…


“Microsoft”.“Open Source” == “unhandled exceptions.”

Nick Hodge and I have been talking to our local Open Source communities for the past year and we’ve finally managed to get some traction to hit the road Sam and Max style in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Microsoft and Open source? Isn’t that like cats and dogs living together? Discuss and learn what (where and…


Old New Series – Cannon PI

Keep watching as Cannon makes life easier for today’s web developers using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.   – jorke



So i attended linux.conf.au (LCA) in Tassie this year, i reckon i was the only person walking around with Windows installed on my machine 🙂 This year LCA was held at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay Campus in Hobart, and you can see key media reports are here: http://www.itwire.com/component/option,com_tag/tag,linux.conf.au/tag_id,23107/ My Highlights – some Perception…


Developers Developers Developers – Steve Ballmer in Australia

As part of a whirlwind visit to Sydney early next month, Steve Ballmer will be presenting Microsoft’s future vision for developers in the world of software-plus-services. He’ll discuss the next wave of technologies just launched at the Professional Developer Conference. There will also be a live Q&A session with Steve. Immediately following Steve’s session, we’ll…


Cat Power – Tomcat on Server 2008 Core with IIS7

EPIC START So this turned out to be much longer than I thought – the basic goal is to utilise two of the coolest features of Window Server 2008 – Core and IIS7. The idea is to create an ultimately low footprint web server on Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 Core and show how that…


DST changes for Australia in 2008!

Does that mean Queensland will have daylight savings time? NOOOO – fades the curtains apparently… Anyway the REST of Australia is making some changes in October – that’s 1 month away! – so we all need to update our servers/machines/robots to cope with the time differences. Key Action: Download the Australia 2008 Daylight Saving Planning…


SQL 2008 Released

The final product of the Launch Wave has RTM’d – SQL Server 2008 – with a snazzy new logo:   If you have an MSDN or Technet subscription you can get it now – I’m very excited about one particular version in this version SQL 2008 Web – designed to be a cut down version…


SQL 2005 PHP Driver RTM’d

We’ve just shipped the released version for the SQL Server 2005 Driver extensions for PHP 5 – if you’re running the CTP version make sure you update to this version. Get the bits here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=61BF87E0-D031-466B-B09A-6597C21A2E2A&displaylang=en I think the coolest thing that comes with this download is the Help file (.chm) that is part of the…


Microsoft contributing to Open Source

This is why I love working for Microsoft – as Nick Hodge often says "This is not your fathers Microsoft"; Sam Ramji Keynoted at Oscon about 3 very cool things: In short we’ve submitted code to the ADOdb DAL library to add support for our PHP SQL driver – AND under a Free Software Foundation…