So i attended (LCA) in Tassie this year, i reckon i was the only person walking around with Windows installed on my machine 🙂 This year LCA was held at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay Campus in Hobart, and you can see key media reports are here:,com_tag/tag,,23107/ My Highlights – some Perception…


Configuring NFS on Windows Server 2008 core

Hasn’t really changed since 2003 R2, but its all over the command line. From the start: Installation of the NFS components: start /w ocsetup ServerForNFS-Base Make a directory to store your content and ACL it appropriately for NFS – I don’t recommend this as best practice, but I’m assuming we’re in safe environment, i.e. a…


HUGE performance increases with PHP on Windows 2008

One of our local developers Dallas J Clark (Brisbane local) blogged about an article that shows PHP with a 130% performance increase on Windows Server 2008 – and of course there have been a few comments asking about the metrics of the comparison etc. So naturally I’m wading into to try and clear the water…..


Silverlight 1.0 released

Earlier today Scottgu posted Silverlight 1.0 has been released. I’m pretty excited about this especially about the cross-platform capability with “Moonlight”, so silverlight now works on linux. Hosting providers can easily host this now, with no change to their hosting environment – check out the Halo 3 video, this is silverlight 1.0, and Home Shopping Network come…