FastCGI timeout on IIS7

Had a couple of question this week around some issues that people were experiencing from long running PHP scripts that appear to timeout/hang and eventually stop/crash and is this problem with FastCGI or the application pool settings. Let’s take a look at the FastCGI settings in the ApplicationHost.config <fastCgi>     <application fullPath="C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe" activityTimeout="60" instanceMaxRequests="10000">        …


PHP on IIS7 for Shared Hosting- AWESOME article!

check it out on IIS.NET –  here are a couple of excerpts from the article that I strongly recommend: ———– PHP Security Recommendations The following recommendations describe how to tighten security of PHP in shared hosting environment. To make the recommended changes locate and open php.ini file and edit it as described below: Disable…


HUGE performance increases with PHP on Windows 2008

One of our local developers Dallas J Clark (Brisbane local) blogged about an article that shows PHP with a 130% performance increase on Windows Server 2008 – and of course there have been a few comments asking about the metrics of the comparison etc. So naturally I’m wading into to try and clear the water…..