Web Platform Installer Released!

If you’ve been to any presentations I’ve done recently you’ve seen how much I love talking about this tool. Very simply the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) is a tool that installs IIS7, extensions, tools, runtimes and applications in a easy to use manner. This includes PHP, SQL Express and Visual Web Developer Express. Its never…


Announcing WebSiteSpark in Australia

I am VERY excited to announce the launch of a new *SPARK program at Microsoft for Australia; WebSiteSpark you’ll see that the gu has already post about this. WebSiteSpark is aimed specifically at those who are developing in the web platform and we’re giving them a jumpstart to get started on the Microsoft Platform. The…


Down and Dirty with tech•ed backstage

Sign up for the dirt and all view of what happens with the production of tech•ed 09 Australia. Subscribe to http://techedbackstage.net/ – to get the low down on what is going on. Here is the first post… Welcome to the start of tech•ed Backstage. This blog is designed to give the world the view of…


Tech.Ed 2009 Windows 7 Experience – Netbooks for you!

So FINALLY we can talk about a project that’s been happening for a while now. I’ve picked up a job for Tech.Ed 2009 as overall infrastructure guy so i’ve been working on ensuring that we have the best technology to deliver and awesome event. Aside from that we had a question earlier in the year…


“Microsoft”.“Open Source” == “unhandled exceptions.”

Nick Hodge and I have been talking to our local Open Source communities for the past year and we’ve finally managed to get some traction to hit the road Sam and Max style in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Microsoft and Open source? Isn’t that like cats and dogs living together? Discuss and learn what (where and…


IIS SEO Toolkit

Again the IIS team are kicking butt in showing the value of using Windows as a web platform, this time with the IIS SEO toolkit – to bust the jargon – Internet Information Services Search Engine Optimization Toolkit. To get it, of course the easy way is to grab the Web Platform Installer and tick…


Old New Series – Cannon PI

Keep watching as Cannon makes life easier for today’s web developers using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.   – jorke


Windows 7 RC download

get it now, now now, while it lasts – http://www.microsoft.com.au/windows7 its HOT HOT HOT! Don’t for get to grab Windows Server 2008 R2 Release Candidate – jorke


Remix Australia 09 – Register now!

REMIX 09 – The Next Web Now, registration is open now! – check out the action packed agenda. June 11 Sydney, Star City Casino. Register now to get the earlybird! – jorke  


FastCGI timeout on IIS7

Had a couple of question this week around some issues that people were experiencing from long running PHP scripts that appear to timeout/hang and eventually stop/crash and is this problem with FastCGI or the application pool settings. Let’s take a look at the FastCGI settings in the ApplicationHost.config <fastCgi>     <application fullPath="C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe" activityTimeout="60" instanceMaxRequests="10000">        …