Apache httpd/htaccess config for IE8 Compatability

Some great advice for infrastructure providers that may get calls from customers wondering why their sites are broken after they install IE8 and they haven’t developed their sites to standards…

The full info is here can be found here: http://blogs.msdn.com/hanuk/archive/2008/08/28/apache-httpd-configuration-for-ie7-standard-mode-rendering-in-ie8.aspx

But in short you can tell the browsing clients to render in IE7 standards mode at a server level or site level.

At the Server level:

1. Open httpd.conf in a text editor

2. Uncomment (or add)  “LoadModule headers_module modules/mod_headers.so”

3. Add the following configuration fragment at the end of the httpd.conf file:

<IfModule headers_module>
Header set X-UA-Compatible: IE=EmulateIE7

4. Save httpd.conf and reload the apache config

At the site/directory level – make sure you are allowing .htaccess files to be read from each directory.

1. Add to your .htaccess file:

<IfModule headers_module>
Header set X-UA-Compatible: IE=EmulateIE7

Stacks more info here: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/08/27/introducing-compatibility-view.aspx and here http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/06/10/introducing-ie-emulateie7.aspx

- jorke

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