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What Ho Everybody

Welcome to Episode two of my thrilling blog instalments!  This month I thought I'd do a little bit on Ops Mgr.  A little like last month small edible nuggets for those who have read this far can digest.

Right then, let's dive in.

Bite Size Chunks

Ops Mgr is a big product ,right? and there's a lot of management packs out there.  The biggest thing that I see our customers do is get overwhelmed with alerts on installing all the management packs that they want to monitor. What customers don't realise is that when you install a new management pack into a management group all deployed agents in that management group will start reporting events for the new management pack. So if you deploy lots of management packs all at once then expect lots and lots of alerts.  So how can you stop so many alerts coming through to your email? well we can tune the way your notifications are handled. This is based on the fact that alerts are generally designated by Ops Mgr as "Critical Medium" alerts, so configuring the alerts you actually want as "Critical High" will ensure you only get the alerts you need.  Want to know more?  Kevin Holman's blog has way much more information on Ops Mgr than I could ever give you! So rather than repeating this really useful information that Kevin originally posted a couple of years ago here's the link on how to do it:

That's it for this month, thanks for reading!

Until next month....Bloggy Oi! 

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