TCP/IP Conflict with Ghosted NIC: Legacy to Synthetic NIC

As far back as Windows 95 there has been the problem of more than one NIC with the same IP address. Simply, you cannot should not do this. Most often this is seen when a computer has a static IP assigned to a NIC, then that NIC is removed (physical or virtual) and replaced with…


Disable that Network Card!

Here’s a tip I’d like to pass on that resulted solely from trial and error. I regularly see Failover Cluster, Hyper-V, NIC Teaming, VLANs, iSCSI networks and so on as components of a complex environment managed by SCVMM. Each of these components can affect decisions regarding network design. In the process of implementing the desired…

Communication issues after Windows and SCVMM Upgrade to 2008 R2

I’ve seen a number of customers run into networking and general communication issues following a move to Windows 2008 R2. And to manage Windows 2008 R2 you must be running SCVMM 2008 R2. Both require checking for updates. Windows 2008 R2 – Make sure the network card drivers are up to date… all of them….


‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration’ – Virtual Networks

There are a number of reasons a Virtual Machine (VM) can fall into a status of ‘Unsupported Cluster Configuration.’ A brief list, pulled from TechNet, shows that storage, networking, and other factors can cause this status. (Source: The virtual machine is on a LUN that contains more than one virtual machine. The virtual machine…


Creating Virtual Networks on Clustered Hosts leaves some binding work to be done

If you ever happen to set up a new virtual network on a Cluster node/Host you may find that your work is not entirely done. First, the Host that you added the VN to will in fact have networking set up correctly. What may appear odd is that the other Hosts in the cluster (nodes)…


Unable to connect to Self Service Portal (SSP)

When connecting to the SSP there may be errors such as ‘Syntax Error’ or ‘Object Unexpected.’ This may manifest as a popup with a script error, or you may simply see a small yellow warning icon in the lower left hand pane of the browser. In any event, VMs cannot be accessed through the SSP….


Resolve Communication Issues in SCVMM – Part 1

Disable Task Offloading and Update WMI Communications issues with SCVMM can take on the form of access denied, timeouts, and often as intermittent connectivity issues. The steps in this post are the same ones I use to resolve a good number of customer issues.   Feedback on this article is welcome. If you have technical…


WinRM (Windows Remote Management) Troubleshooting

What is WinRM? New in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 (and Server 2008 Core) are WinRM & WinRS. Windows Remote Management (known as WinRM) is a handy new remote management service. WinRM is the “server” component of this remote management application and WinRS (Windows Remote Shell) is the “client” for WinRM,…


How to Capture a WinRM Trace

When working with Microsoft Support you may be asked to capture traces to assist with issue resolution. Below are two methods for capturing WinRM traces. Following a reboot these will need to be set up again. The GUI setup is simple. The logman method allows a template with pre-populated settings to be imported. Choose the…


How to Troubleshoot Host Status – Quick Table

From the Microsoft TechNet SCVMM TechCenter Article URL: (Don’t forget the VMMCA tool. This should always be top in your troubleshooting list. More info here.)   The table below works as a quick reference for why you may be experiencing connectivity issues. This will at least get you off and running in the right…