Technical Documentation for SC VMM 2012 SP1

Two official technical documents on how to perform any action in the GUI, and all VMM Cmdlets are now available for download. ‘SC2012_VMM_Documentation,’ lists Step by Step how to perform most VMM activities. ‘SC2012_VMM_Cmdlets’ lists all cmdlets, their options and examples.   These are two documents you want to hang onto. Technical Documentation Download for…


TCP/IP Conflict with Ghosted NIC: Legacy to Synthetic NIC

As far back as Windows 95 there has been the problem of more than one NIC with the same IP address. Simply, you cannot should not do this. Most often this is seen when a computer has a static IP assigned to a NIC, then that NIC is removed (physical or virtual) and replaced with…


How to create a bootable ISO using tools from the WAIK

Another great write-up by a good friend and colleague of mine. Dave works at Microsoft, but on another floor and dedicates himself to pushing SCVMM to its limits. Actually, he makes it do backflips or anything else he desires while the rest of us sit in awe and muse, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’…


The new "Dynamic Memory" feature of Hyper-V recently posted a great article on the upcoming feature of Dynamic Memory for Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1. The article focuses particularly on the impact for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments. For both reasons I recommend taking a moment to read the post. You may find yourself adopting SP1 sooner than you expected….


Common P2V Failures Explained

            Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion is one of the most popular features of SCVMM. And, there are many articles written to make the process easy to understand, or to resolve common problems. Last week I worked with an company that had converted around three hundred systems (nice!). Two systems were giving…


P2V of Domain Controllers – Online or Offline?

We know that SCVMM can convert physical machines into virtual machines with all work necessary to make this transitioned machine still boot and function correctly. This is a great feature that customers use daily. This work is done usually while the server is still running as an Online P2V. If you have ever stopped to…


SCVMM PowerShell Commands Cheat Sheet

PowerShell. You keep meaning to learn it. You just need a push. Maybe a CubeNote (Cheat Sheet) would help. Think about this… every single command you perform in the SCVMM Admin Console can be performed in PowerShell. There isn’t a single thing in the Admin Console that is not available by interactive command or script….


SCVMM 2008 Error (2927) A Hardware Management error has occurred trying to contact server

A colleague of mine has posted a great article on one cause of these errors. Turns out there are specific refreshers that can be targeted providing WinRM and SCVMM the extra time needed to complete the job. Be sure to read the entire article carefully as there are implications with upgrading to SCVMM 2008 R2….


What is CPU Type in SCVMM 2008 R2 VM Processor Hardware Profile?

A great colleague has written a simple, well illustrated article on the purpose of CPU types for virtual machine’s in SCVMM. This will serve as my reference from now on. Link below. Share with your peers. This issue pops up all the time with no great explanation until now. Thanks Mark! What is CPU Type…

Updated System Center Virtual Machine Manager Configuration Analyzer (VMMCA)

Description The VMMCA is a diagnostic tool you can use to evaluate important configuration settings for computers that either are serving or might serve VMM roles or other VMM functions. The VMMCA scans the hardware and software configurations of the computers you specify, evaluates them against a set of predefined rules, and then provides you…