Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2012 R2 is now available

 The latest Update Rollup has been released for System Center. It contains fixes for many System Center components, including Orchestrator and VMM, and should be treated as a mandatory install.

It is pushed out by Windows Update, but the VMM installation requires a SQL script to be run. If you don’t run the script, you haven’t completed the update for VMM. Other SC products do not have a SQL script update to worry about.

Here’s the link to the update. Remember to run the SQL script for VMM!

VMM installation instructions

There is a link on the update page above that takes you over to another KB where the SQL script and installation instructions are. Here’s that link:


The instructions are:

Important After you install the update package, you must apply the following SQL script on your Virtual Machine Manager Microsoft SQL Server database for Update Rollup 2 to function correctly.”

This means simply:

  • Stop the VMM Server Service on the VMM server
  • Open SQL Project Studio
  • Connect to your VMM SQL database
  • Open a New Query in Project Studio
  • Copy and paste the script from the web page into this query
  • Make sure the database in the dropdown to the left indicates the name of your VMM database and not something like ‘Master’
  • Press F5 or the Execute button to perform the update
  • Start the VMM Server Service up again. Done




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