Update-Help: VMM PowerShell

If you’ve opened the VMM 2012 SP1 PowerShell console and performed a command to get help on cmdlets, you may be in for a surprise. Examples are not included out of the box, and there were tons of great examples in VMM 2008 R2. The syntax below should, but does not, output all help including…


Poster: Networking in Virtual Machine Manager

There is a new post on the Download Center of networking in Virtual Machine Manager. It’s a bit intimidating posting this official poster right after my own attempts (see my previous post), but they all offer different ways of depicting the same abstract ideas. Pull down a copy of the post and use it for…


Orchestrator Event Monitor fires multiple times for new events

What is Microsoft Orchestrator?! This blog now covers SC VMM as well as Orchestrator System Center components. To learn more about Orchestrator follow this link. Now on to troubleshooting… The Runbook shown below is set up to monitor and send an alert for any new Application log events that have an Event ID of 808….


Adding a Host and Enabling Connectivity in VMM 2012 SP1

Sometimes a Host cannot be added to VMM, especially when there is a cluster involved. The steps below should resolve basic connectivity issues when adding a new host. For information about Hosts If this does not work, see the article just prior to this ‘Managing Hyper-V hosts using Virtual Machine Manager fails with Error: 0x8033803b….


VMM Admin Console 2012 SP1 takes a few minutes to open

Here’s one that might stump you occasionally. You open the Admin Console and instead of popping open you have to wait a few minutes before it opens. Once open all is fine. What happened?! It may have been looking for the SCOM server. If VMM and SCOM are integrated and the SCOM server is down,…