SCOtrace – Orchestrator Trace Tool

What is SCOtrace?

SCOtrace increases the Orchestrator log level, provides time for you to reproduce a problem, then sets all log levels back to their lowest (normal) level. Log files are then gathered for you in a central location.

How does it work?

Orchestrator activity is logged all the time, whether you know it or not. The log level is very low and does not impact your system. There are times, however, when it would be ideal to generate very detailed logs in order to better understand a problem. Following this article it is possible to increase the level of logging significantly (The article discuses Opalis, but it works the same for Orchestrator).

Why would I need this?

The idea of this tool is to automate the collection of verbose logs for you or a Microsoft Support Professional to review. You can perform these exact steps following the article mentioned above, but this way is simply quicker.

Where should I use this?

Run SCOtrace on the Management server, and if you think Runbook servers are involved run it there as well. Only the Orchestrator components you have installed on a system will be traced.

How do I run SCOtrace?

The latest version of SCOtrace can be downloaded here.

Remove the .txt extension from the file and run from an elevated command prompt.

Note: The latest file from each log directory is gathered. You may find some files that are old. Ignore these.








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