How to create a bootable ISO using tools from the WAIK

Another great write-up by a good friend and colleague of mine. Dave works at Microsoft, but on another floor and dedicates himself to pushing SCVMM to its limits. Actually, he makes it do backflips or anything else he desires while the rest of us sit in awe and muse, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ His real skills center on deployment. In SCVMM templates are the key to mass deployments. Dave has written some great articles I recommend you review.

This article, originally posted in August of 2010, discusses the common need of creating a bootable ISO for use with virtual machines. There are many other methods as I will readily admit. This one is slick and requires no additional tools or downloads. The simplicity is beautiful. Enjoy the article, and how able some props for Dave in his comments. Thanks!

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