VMMUpdate: Stay up to date!

CURRENT VERSION: 2.7, RELEASED 12/07/11 Windows and SCVMM SP1 updates included in scan “Are your Hosts and SCVMM Server up to date? And, does it really matter?’” …YES! WHAT IS VMMUPDATE? VMMUpdate creates a report of required updates for technologies used by the SCVMM server and all Hosts. Windows Hyper-V Failover Cluster As well as components…


SCVMM PowerShell Commands Cheat Sheet

PowerShell. You keep meaning to learn it. You just need a push. Maybe a CubeNote (Cheat Sheet) would help. Think about this… every single command you perform in the SCVMM Admin Console can be performed in PowerShell. There isn’t a single thing in the Admin Console that is not available by interactive command or script….