SCVMM reports error 10637 when Red Hat Linux selected as the Operating System

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A new KB article regarding Red Hat is being posted on Microsoft Support any day now. For those of you who do not need the official KB, here’s the content. This is a relatively minor fix. If you are not a SQL expert, find one, or just follow the simple instructions for the free SQL Studio Express Edition. Thanks!

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On System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2, it is possible to select Red Hat as the virtual machine 'Operating System' property for a virtual machine hosted by Hyper-V. The job, however, will show as failed with Error 10637. This can occur when creating a new virtual machine or changing this property on an existing VM. This does not affect the function or stability of the virtual machine itself. This property is found on the General tab of the virtual machine properties dialog.

Error (10637)

The virtualization software on host does not support the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system. 

Recommended Action

Specify a host with different virtualization software and then try the operation again.


A database entry that identifies the list of supported virtual machine operating systems per hypervisor requires an update. The following actions will remain unavailable for Red Hat virtual machines in SCVMM following this update:

  • Shut down of the guest operating system from the SCVMM Administrator Console

  • Detection and display of the VM Additions version for a virtual machine in the SCVMM Administrator Console and with Windows PowerShell

  • Display of the computer name of the guest operating system


Using SQL Server Management Studio Express, or a full SQL installation, make a full backup of the SCVMM database. Next, connect to the SCVMM database (VirtualManagerDB by default). Open a new query and enter the commands below. The number of affected columns will be returned in the 'Messages' window if present.

update tbl_IL_OS

set OSFlags=0x14

where Name like 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5%'

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