Linux Guest VM IP does not appear in WAP

You may run into difficulty with Linux VMs created from templates when using Windows Azure Pack (WAP). The IP address does not appear in the WAP Admin Console. You may see the error: KVPDataExchangeNotAvailable (30101) . You should see events such as the one below. ‘Microsoft-WindowsAzurePack-MgmtSvc-TenantSite’ Warning 226 points out in the description ‘KVPDataExchangeNotAvailable.’  …


Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2012 R2

There are tons of fixes for System Center 2012 R2 in the latest Update Rollup (UR). Follow the link below to the main article. From there you can grab the downloads and find links to articles that describe the update. Install this update today!           jonjor


Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0 Released

The latest version of MVMC has been released. P2V of Windows systems is now included. From the site: Download here. New Features in MVMC 3.0The 3.0 release of MVMC adds the ability to convert a physical computer running Windows Server 2008 or above server operating systems or Windows Vista or above client operating systems to…


Dual Boot Surface 3 with Windows 10

This is an unusual post for this blog, but I found the process of dual booting my Surface 3 into Windows 10 unusually difficult. Normally I would open diskpart to partition and format the USB drive. I would then copy files from boot media to the USB and we’re off. Setting the USB drive to…


WAPTrace: Simple tracing for Windows Azure Pack

Current Version: v1.4 Now traces Service Provider Foundation (SPF)! WAPTrace is a PowerShell script that not only captures WAP Debug and Operational event logs, it checks your system and recommends the best of three trace types. Run the tool on multiple WAP systems at once to get more information on your issue. The script performs…


WAP and SPF Tracing

How do you trace WAP (or SPF)? This paper will walk you through the steps. An excerpt from the article below.     Introduction This paper is part of the ‘WAP – Minimally Distributed Install’ series by the same author. The goal is to provide the simple and reliable instructions for: – Scoping the issue…


WAP Installation and Configuration

This post covers three papers I have written describing how to set up Windows Azure Pack in a distributed layout. The layout is minimal, meaning there is an external (Tenant) site and an internal (Admin) site on different systems. A DC and SQL server are also required. The setup of everything is covered in detail….


64bit PowerShell performance in Orchestrator

Sometimes you need to run a resource intensive PowerShell command using the ‘Run .Net Script’ activity. Problem is, Orchestrator is 32bit, and defaults to a 32bit PowerShell. What is the problem with this? 32bit processes can grow close to 2GB in memory. This is a hard limit. By using a 64bit process we break the…


What version of WAP and SPF am I running?

A good friend of mine, DeWitt, has put together a list of WAP versions for reference. He also found a simple way for you to determine your version. The following are available options to determine the version of the Windows Azure Pack Option 1: On the server with Windows Azure Pack installed, view the version…


Update Rollups for System Center 2012 R2 and SP1

Just a heads up that two UR3’s for System Center products have been released. There are many fixes for VMM and Orchestrator, as well as other components. A breakdown of articles below. VMM has a SQL script that is a required part of the install. Don’t forget!   System Center 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 7…