List of supported network devices in Operations Manager 2012

This question came in today and Vishnu Nath, Program Manager at Microsoft, gave a very concise answer.  This made for an excellent blog post!

“In Operations Manager 2012 we support monitoring of network devices that support SNMP.  Port monitoring is available for devices that have implemented the interface MIB (RFC 2863) and MIB-II (RFC 1213) standards.  In addition, we support peripheral monitoring including Processor and Memory monitoring on a subset of devices, the exact devices with peripheral monitoring can be seen in our Network Devices with Extended Monitoring Capability document.”

Note: The list of extended monitoring devices is subject to change before OM12 RTM.  The referenced document may be updated later, so check back if your device isn’t currently in the list.

These are the devices listed in the document as of 08-11-2011.

Vendor Model Name
3com 4500
3Com 3Com Switch 4210 PWR 9-Port
3Com 5500G-EI 24-Port Sw
3Com 5500G-EI 48-Port
Adtran 916
Adtran 3448
Adtran 908E
Adtran 908e
Adtran 924E
Adtran 924eL1 
Adtran 924eL2 
Adtran 924eL2 
Adtran 924eL2 
Adtran 924eL3
Adtran NetVanta 1224ST
Adtran NetVanta 1224ST
Adtran NetVanta 1224ST PoE
Adtran 1234
Adtran 1234POE
Adtran 1238
Adtran 1238POE
Adtran 1524ST
Allied Telesis AT-RP48
Aruba 2400e
Aruba 800
Aruba 2400
Aruba 3200
Aruba 3400
Aruba 3600
Aruba 5000
Aruba 800-4
Bay Router
Blue Coat Director
Blue Coat director
Blue Coat SG 800
Blue Coat SG810
BlueCat Proteus
Blue Coat SG8100a
Blue Coat SG210
Blue Coat SG 400
Blue Coat SG-510
Blue Coat SG-8000
Bytemobile  BM Optimiser
CheckPoint Net-SNMP Agent 5.1
Cisco C3750
Cisco C3900
Cisco ASA 5500
Cisco ASA 5520
Cisco ASA5405
Cisco ASA5505
Cisco ASA5510
Cisco ASA5510
Cisco ASA5520
Cisco ASA5550
Cisco ASA5550
Cisco Cisco 515E
Cisco FWSM
Cisco PIX Firewall 501
Cisco PIX Firewall 506E
Cisco PIX Firewall 515
Cisco PIX Firewall 525
Cisco PIX Firewall 525
Cisco PIX Firewall 535
Cisco PIX Firewall 535
Cisco 4402 WLAN Controller 
Cisco CDM-4630
Cisco CDM-4650
Cisco CE
Cisco CE-2636
Cisco CE-510
Cisco CE-512
Cisco CE-565
Cisco CE-566
Cisco CE-590
Cisco CE-611
Cisco CE612K9
Cisco CE-7305
Cisco CE-7320
Cisco CE-7325
Cisco Cisco ASA 5580 20
Cisco Cisco CUCM
Cisco ciscoCE507
Cisco ciscoCE560
Cisco ciscoCE560AV
Cisco DPA 7610
Cisco DPA 7630
Cisco ICS 7750
Cisco IPCC
Cisco MCS-7815I
Cisco MCS-7825H
Cisco MCS-7825I
Cisco MCS-7835H
Cisco MCS-7835I
Cisco MCS-7845H
Cisco MCS-7845I
Cisco MeetingPlace Express
Cisco NM-CUE
Cisco TelePresence3000DevelopmentCodec
Cisco VG248
Cisco WAA-787
Cisco WAE502
Cisco WAE-512-K9
Cisco WAE574
Cisco WAE-611-K9
Cisco WAE-612
Cisco WAE674A
Cisco WAE7341A
Cisco WAE7371
Cisco WLSE1133
Cisco ACE4710
Cisco Application Control Engine Service Module
Cisco C6MSFC2
Cisco MSFC
Cisco MSFC3
Cisco WSX6302
Cisco NME-16ES-1G-P
Cisco SCE2000
Cisco 761
Cisco 775
Cisco 776
Cisco 801
Cisco 802
Cisco 803
Cisco 804
Cisco 806
Cisco 811
Cisco 813
Cisco 815
Cisco 826
Cisco 827
Cisco 828
Cisco 831
Cisco 836
Cisco 837
Cisco 871
Cisco 904
Cisco 1000
Cisco 1003
Cisco 1004
Cisco 1005
Cisco 1020
Cisco 1401
Cisco 1417
Cisco 1601
Cisco 1602
Cisco 1603
Cisco 1604
Cisco 1605
Cisco 1700
Cisco 1701
Cisco 1711
Cisco 1712
Cisco 1750
Cisco 1801
Cisco 1802
Cisco 1803
Cisco 1805
Cisco 1811
Cisco 1841
Cisco 1880
Cisco 2000
Cisco 2102
Cisco 2202
Cisco 2500
Cisco 2501
Cisco 2501
Cisco 2502
Cisco 2503
Cisco 2504
Cisco 2505
Cisco 2506
Cisco 2507
Cisco 2508
Cisco 2509
Cisco 2511
Cisco 2512
Cisco 2513
Cisco 2514
Cisco 2515
Cisco 2516
Cisco 2517
Cisco 2518
Cisco 2519
Cisco 2520
Cisco 2521
Cisco 2522
Cisco 2523
Cisco 2524
Cisco 2525
Cisco 2600
Cisco 2610
Cisco 2611
Cisco 2612
Cisco 2613
Cisco 2620
Cisco 2621
Cisco 2801
Cisco 2811
Cisco 3000
Cisco 3101
Cisco 3102
Cisco 3103
Cisco 3104
Cisco 3201
Cisco 3202
Cisco 3204
Cisco 3205
Cisco 3220
Cisco 3251
Cisco 3272
Cisco 3620
Cisco 3620
Cisco 3640
Cisco 3640
Cisco 3660
Cisco 3825
Cisco 3845
Cisco 4000
Cisco 4250
Cisco 4500
Cisco 4700
Cisco 7000
Cisco 7010
Cisco 7160
Cisco 7201
Cisco 7202
Cisco 7206
Cisco 7301
Cisco 7304
Cisco 7505
Cisco 7507
Cisco 7507
Cisco 7513
Cisco 7513
Cisco 7576
Cisco 7603
Cisco 7603
Cisco 7604
Cisco 7606
Cisco 7606
Cisco 7609
Cisco 7609
Cisco 7613
Cisco 7613
Cisco 10720
Cisco 12004
Cisco 12006
Cisco 12008
Cisco 12012
Cisco 12016
Cisco 10005 ESR
Cisco 12010 GSR
Cisco 12404 GSR
Cisco 12406/PRP
Cisco 12416 GSR
Cisco 12816 GSR
Cisco 1710 VPN
Cisco 1720 VPN
Cisco 1760(V)
Cisco 1861FCueK9
Cisco 2501FRADFX
Cisco 2509RJ
Cisco 2511RJ
Cisco 2610XM
Cisco 2611XM
Cisco 2620XM
Cisco 2621XM
Cisco 2650XM
Cisco 2651XM
Cisco 3600 URM-JK9S-M
Cisco 3660-JK9O3S-M
Cisco 3662-AC-CO
Cisco 3662-DC
Cisco 3662-DC-CO
Cisco 3845-NOVPN
Cisco 6400NRP
Cisco 6500-SSLSM
Cisco 7120-4T1
Cisco 7120-AE3
Cisco 7120-AT3
Cisco 7120-E3
Cisco 7120-SMI3
Cisco 7120-T3
Cisco 7140-2AE3
Cisco 7140-2AT3
Cisco 7140-2E3
Cisco 7140-2FE
Cisco 7140-2MM3
Cisco 7140-2T3
Cisco 7204VXR
Cisco 7206VXR
Cisco 7600s
Cisco 7609S
Cisco 827H
Cisco 827QuadV
Cisco 881G
Cisco AccessProEC
Cisco AccessProRC
Cisco AGSplus
Cisco AP1130
Cisco AP1242
Cisco AP1250
Cisco AP350 IOS
Cisco AS5200
Cisco AS5300
Cisco AS5350
Cisco AS5400
Cisco AS5400XM
Cisco AS5800
Cisco AS5850
Cisco ASR 1004
Cisco ASR1002
Cisco ASR-1006
Cisco C10400
Cisco C1840
Cisco C1861
Cisco C2600
Cisco C2691
Cisco C2900
Cisco C2900
Cisco C2975
Cisco C3631
Cisco C3660
Cisco C3725
Cisco C3745
Cisco C4224
Cisco C7100-JK2S-M
Cisco C850
Cisco C870
Cisco C870
Cisco C876
Cisco C877
Cisco C880
Cisco Cisco 12810
Cisco Cisco 1812
Cisco Cisco 2800 
Cisco Cisco 7500 Series (7507, 7513, 7505)
Cisco Cisco 888, 888W Integrated Services Router
Cisco cisco C860
Cisco NA
Cisco Cisco VPN 3002 concentrator
Cisco CRS-1
Cisco CRS-1 16/S
Cisco CS500
Cisco GSR12410
Cisco IAD2420
Cisco IAD2430-24FXS
Cisco IAD2431-16FXS
Cisco IAD2431-8FXS
Cisco IAD2431-E1/T1
Cisco IAD2432
Cisco IGS/L  IGS/R
Cisco IOS 6509 NEB
Cisco MC3810
Cisco MC3810
Cisco MicroWebServer2
Cisco MWAM
Cisco MWR1900
Cisco MWR1941-DC
Cisco MWR1941-DC-A
Cisco Pro1601
Cisco Pro1602
Cisco Pro1603
Cisco Pro1604
Cisco Pro2502
Cisco Pro2504
Cisco Pro2506
Cisco Pro2508
Cisco Pro2510
Cisco Pro2512
Cisco Pro2513
Cisco Pro2515
Cisco Pro2517
Cisco Pro2518
Cisco Pro2520
Cisco Pro2522
Cisco Pro2523
Cisco Pro2524
Cisco Pro2525
Cisco Pro4700
Cisco RME-7401
Cisco RPM
Cisco RPM-PR
Cisco RSP-PV-M
Cisco SAMI
Cisco SB 101
Cisco SB 106
Cisco SB 107
Cisco SOHO-76
Cisco SOHO-77
Cisco SOHO-78
Cisco SOHO-91
Cisco SOHO-96
Cisco SOHO-97
Cisco UBR 924
Cisco uBR10012
Cisco uBR7111
Cisco uBR7111E
Cisco uBR7114
Cisco uBR7114E
Cisco UBR7223
Cisco UBR7246
Cisco uBR905
Cisco URM-2FE-2V
Cisco VG200-I6S-M
Cisco VG224
Cisco VPN3000
Cisco WAAS 474
Cisco WAAS274
Cisco WLSE 1130
Cisco 5kRsfc
Cisco WS-X5302
Cisco 2900
Cisco 2926
Cisco 2960
Cisco 4003
Cisco 4500
Cisco 6006
Cisco 6009
Cisco 6100
Cisco 6200
Cisco 6506
Cisco 6506
Cisco 6509
Cisco 8510
Cisco 8515
Cisco 2912-LRE-XL
Cisco 2924C-XL-V
Cisco 2924-LRE-XL
Cisco 2924M-XL
Cisco 2924XL-V
Cisco 2940-8TF
Cisco 2940-8TT
Cisco 2948G
Cisco 2948G-GE-TX
Cisco 2950ST-8-LRE
Cisco 2950SX-24
Cisco 2950SX-48
Cisco 2950T-48
Cisco 2955S-12
Cisco 2960-24TC
Cisco 2960-24TC-S
Cisco 2960-48-TT-L
Cisco 2960G-24TC
Cisco 2970-24
Cisco 2980G
Cisco 3524 XL
Cisco 3524tXLEn
Cisco 3548XL
Cisco 3560-24PS
Cisco 3560-48PS
Cisco 3560E-48PD
Cisco 3750-24TS-1U-24
Cisco 3750-48PS-48
Cisco 3750-48PS-48
Cisco 3750G-24PS-24
Cisco 3750-Stack
Cisco 3750-Stack
Cisco 3750-Stack WLC
Cisco 4006-Sup
Cisco 4503-Sup
Cisco 4506E
Cisco 4506-Sup
Cisco 4510R
Cisco 4912G
Cisco 50024LC
Cisco 50024PC
Cisco 50024TT 
Cisco 500g12TC
Cisco 5350XM
Cisco 6015 IP DSL
Cisco 6160 IP DSL
Cisco 6260 IP DSL
Cisco 6400NSP
Cisco 6503-CATOS
Cisco 6503-IOS
Cisco 6504-E
Cisco 6509 NEB
Cisco 6509-NEB-A
Cisco 8510 MSR
Cisco 8510 MSR
Cisco 8515 MSR
Cisco 8540 CSR
Cisco 8540 MSR
Cisco C2350
Cisco C2900
Cisco C2950XL
Cisco C2951
Cisco C2955C-12
Cisco C2955T-12
Cisco C2960-24TT
Cisco C2960-48TC
Cisco C2960-8-TC
Cisco C2970-G-24TS-E
Cisco C3550-24-PWR
Cisco C3560-24TS
Cisco C3560-48TS
Cisco C3560E
Cisco C3560E-12D-S
Cisco C3750-24TE-MD
Cisco C3900
Cisco C4503-with-Sup
Cisco C4506-with-Sup
Cisco C4507-with-Sup
Cisco Catalyst 2950
Cisco Catalyst 2950
Cisco Catalyst 4000 L3 Switch
Cisco Catalyst 4500
Cisco Catalyst 4500
Cisco Catalyst 4900M
Cisco Catalyst 5505
Cisco Catalyst 6000
Cisco Catalyst 6513
Cisco Catalyst WS-C2900
Cisco Catalyst WS-C2980
Cisco Catalyst WS-C5002
Cisco Catalyst WS-C5509
Cisco catalyst2960G8TC
Cisco catalyst35608PC
Cisco catalyst3560E24PD
Cisco catalyst3560E24TD
Cisco catalyst3750E24PD
Cisco catalyst3750E24TD
Cisco catalyst3750E48PD
Cisco catalyst3750E48TD
Cisco CBS3012 IBM 41
Cisco CBS3020
Cisco CBS3030
Cisco CBS3032 DEL 
Cisco CBS3110
Cisco CBS3120
Cisco CBS3130
Cisco CIGESM_IBM_BladeCenter
Cisco Cisco 2960-LANLITE-M Switch
Cisco Cisco PGW 2200
Cisco Cisco SANOStmm9100
Cisco Cisco WAE 7326
Cisco CS 100
Cisco CSS 11050
Cisco CSS 11050
Cisco CSS 11150
Cisco CSS 11501
Cisco CSS 11501
Cisco CSS 11503
Cisco CSS 11503
Cisco CSS 11506
Cisco CSS 11506
Cisco Dagger 134 54T 
Cisco I6Q4L2
Cisco IE6000
Cisco IOS 6006
Cisco IOS 6009
Cisco IOS 6504
Cisco c6sup1_rp
Cisco IOS 6513
Cisco ISR-NME-X-23ES-1G-P
Cisco ISR-NME-XD-48ES-2S-P
Cisco MDS 9216i 
Cisco MDS-9120
Cisco MDS-9124
Cisco MDS-9140
Cisco MDS-9216
Cisco MDS9222i
Cisco MDS-9506
Cisco MDS-9509
Cisco MDS9513
Cisco ME2400 
Cisco ME3400
Cisco ME-3400-G-12CSD
Cisco ME340x
Cisco ME6524GT
Cisco ME6524-GT-8S
Cisco NME XD 24ES 1S P
Cisco ONS 15540
Cisco ONS-15530
Cisco ONS-15530ETS
Cisco ONS-15540ESPx
Cisco WS-C2950ST-24-LRE
Cisco WS-C2960-24LT-L
Cisco WS-C2960G-48TC-L
Cisco WS-C2960-PD-8TT-L
Cisco WS-C3550-12G
Cisco WS-C3550-12T
Cisco WS-C3550-24
Cisco WS-C3550-24Dc
Cisco WS-C3550-24Mmf
Cisco WS-C3550-48
Cisco WS-C3560-48TS
Cisco WS-C3560G-24PS
Cisco WS-C3560G-24TS
Cisco WS-C3560G-48PS
Cisco WS-C3560G-48TS
Cisco WS-C4510R-E
Cisco WSC6509NEBA
Cisco WSC6513
Cisco WSCBS3040
Cisco WS-CBS3040
Cisco WS-S4006
Citrix Netscaler
CNT UltraNet Storage Director
Compaq IntegratedLightsOut
Compaq Integrated-Lights-Out
Cosine IPSX9500
Crossbeam X40 Firewall/Router
Edgewater Networks EM4508 Series
Expand Accelerator 4800
F5 Networks 3600 LTM ASM
F5 Networks BIG-IP 
F5 Networks BIG-IP 
F5 Networks BIG-IP 6400 
F5 Networks BIG IP 1600
F5 Networks BIG-IP
Force 10 Force10
Fore ASX1000
Fore ForeRunner ASX-200BX
Foundry BigIP
Foundry WXR09502d
Foundry IronRouter
Foundry NetIron MLX
Foundry NetIron MLX
Foundry NetIron MLX
Foundry NetIron XMR
Foundry BigIron MG8
Foundry FastIron 800
Foundry XFastIron Edge 4801G
Foundry FastIron FESX424F
Foundry FastIron FESX424F     
Foundry FastIron FESX448
Foundry FastIron GS624P-POE
Foundry FastIron GS648P-POE
Foundry FastIron SX1600
Foundry FES2402-ILP
Foundry FES4802-ILP
Foundry FESX-424-PREM
Foundry FESX-424-PREM
Foundry FESX448-PREM
Foundry FGS648P
Foundry FLS Switch
Foundry FWSX
Foundry IronWare
Foundry SuperX 800-PREM
Foundry SX800
Foundry WZR09402h
Foundry FastIron SX 800
General_DataComm Xedge 6002
HP HPUX-10.20
HP Onboard Administrator
Huawei AR-18-20S
Huawei AR26
Huawei AR28
Huawei CX380
Huawei Huawei NE20E
Huawei MA5600T
Huawei NE08E
Huawei NE16E
Huawei NE20
Huawei NE40e
Huawei NE80a
Huawei NE80E
Huawei Huawei MA5606T
Huawei RDSLAM MA5606T 1923
Huawei S3526EF
Huawei S3552F
Huawei S8505
IBM IBM PowerPC Personal Computer
Infoblox IB250
Juniper SA 6000
Juniper E320
Juniper ERX1440
Juniper ERX705
Juniper J2300
Juniper J2300 Backbone Router
Juniper J2350
Juniper J4300
Juniper J4350
Juniper J6350
Juniper M-10
Juniper M10i Router
Juniper M120
Juniper M320
Juniper M-40
Juniper M-5
Juniper M7i
Juniper mx480
Juniper MX960 Milbury
Juniper SRX210
Juniper SRX5600
Juniper SRX5800
Juniper t1600
Juniper T320 Backbone Router
Juniper T640 Backbone Router
Juniper TX Routing Node (LCC0)
Juniper TX Routing Node (LCC1)
Juniper TX Routing Node (LCC2)
Juniper TX Routing Node (LCC3)
Juniper 4200 48T
Juniper EX
Juniper EX8208
Juniper Tx Matrix
Juniper SRX3400
Linux 2610mvl401
Linux Linux host
Linux Net-SNMP Agent 5.1
Lucent-Xedia XEDIA
Marconi ASX-4000
Marconi TNX
Marconi TNX-1100
Micromuse Generic_Agent
Microsoft NA
Microsoft Windows CE
Netscreen 5Xt
NetScreen NetScreen-25
NetScreen Netscreen-5200
NetScreen Netscreen-5GT
NetScreen NetScreen-NS-5XP
NetScreen SSG140
NetScreen SSG20
netscreen SSG20-WLAN
NetScreen SSG320
NetScreen SSG350
NetScreen SSG5
NetScreen SSG5 Serial/WLAN
netscreen SSG520
NetScreen SSG5ISDN
netscreen SSG5ISDNWLAN
NetScreen SSG5v92
NetScreen SSG5V92WLAN
Nokia 1280
Nokia IP1200
Nokia IP265 Firewall
Nokia IP350
Nokia IP380
Nokia IP440
Nokia IP530
Nokia IP560
Nokia IP710
Nokia IP710
Nokia NGX Firewall
Nokia Nokia IP650
Nortel Call Server
Nortel Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG)
Nortel Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG)
Nortel 1700
Nortel Contivity VPN 1010
Nortel Contivity VPN 1100
Nortel Contivity VPN 1740
Nortel Contivity VPN 1750
Nortel 8306
Nortel Alteon L2-7 GbE
Nortel Alteon-2424-SSL
Nortel Alteon-3408
Nortel Passport 8606 
Nortel Passport 8610 
Nortel Passport-8310
Nortel Passport-8610
Novell Novell NetWare 5.00.10
Novell Novell NewWare 4.11
Novell Novell NewWare 5.00g
Radware CT100
Redback Networks AOS / SE 800
Redback SE 800
Redback SE100
Redback SE400
Redback SE 800
Riverbed Steelhead
Riverstone 8600
Riverstone RS3100
Riverstone RS8000
RSA SecureIDAppliance250
Sandvine PTS8210 
Secure_Computing_Corp SideWinder
SonicWall SSLRX
Starent ST16
Sun Linux nbrnm 1101
Sun Linux nbrnm 1101
SUN ss73vnvsm01
SystemEdge NA
Tandem NonStop Kernel System Version: G6
Tellabs 8820
Tellabs 8840
Tellabs 8860
Juniper ERX1400
Allied Telesyn  AT-8724XL-DC NEBS
Allied Telesyn Rapier 24i DC/NE
Avaya Security Gateway Model 200 3DES ENCRYPTION 
Avaya Security Gateway Model 203
Avaya Security Gateway Model 208 3DES ENCRYPTION (Standard),
Avaya VPNet Service Unit Model 10000 3DES ENCRYPTION (Standard)
Avaya VSU-2000
Avaya VSU-5000 
BlueCat Adonis 1750
Cisco PIX Firewall 506
Cisco PIX Firewall 520
Cisco PIXFirewall
Cisco GSS4490/4480
Cisco CRS-1
Cisco SVC-FW-1
Cisco 4006
Cisco 5500
Cisco 1900c
Cisco 2948-GL3
Cisco 4908G-L3
Cisco C2950C-24
Cisco C2950G-12
Cisco C2950G-24
Cisco C2950G-24-DC
Cisco C2950G-48
Cisco Catalyst WS-C5000
Cisco ONS-15530NEBS
Juniper M-20
Juniper M40e Backbone Router
Nortel CS 1000 Signalling Server
Nortel ECM
Nortel NRS
Nortel VGMC
Nortel MGC
SUN ss73vnvnc02
Voltaire SM Agent
Comments (5)

  1. Tom, the document hasn't been updated since this posting.  Check the URL closer to RTM date to find out whether your device will be supported.…/details.aspx

  2. Hi Grumpy – SCOM 2012 can monitor devices supporting SNMP v1, v2, and v3. Your SCOM 2007 MP may need to be updated to work with SCOM 2012.

    Microsoft.SystemCenter.NetworkDevice has been deprecated, and the display name has been changed to “Legacy SNMP Network Device”.    Microsoft.SystemCenter.NetworkDevice types will not be discovered from the Operations Manager Administration pane anymore.  Management Packs based on the Legacy SNMP Network Device will continue to work for instances and workflows discovered before the upgrade to Operations Manager 2012.  The difference is no new instances of SNMP Device can be added to the

    management group.  In order to discover and monitor new network devices the management packs will need to migrate to the new class.…/migrating-operations-manager-2007-network-monitoring.aspx

  3. martit01 says:

    Thanks Jonathan,

    Any idea if the Nexus products will be supported when RTM rolls out?



  4. Greg Y says:

    We are now at RTM but the Nexus 5000 and 7000 are not in the supported list.  Jalasoft is now selling a 3rd party mgt pack for it.  Great.

  5. Grumpy SCOM user says:

    Are network devices the only thing that can be monitored on SCOM 2012?  I use SCOM 2007 R2 to monitor storage arrays via SNMP traps.  Importing the same MP into SCOM2012 seems to import OK, but I never see any alerts from the system after that.

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